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About the blog

This blog began mid-2007 under a different name (do you remember 'It's a woman's world?'). When I first started creating content here I mostly wrote about my family with some peeks into my health and other subjects I feel strongly about. It has since evolved into a site where I share health information (a lot about my cancer journey), reviews (products; no books right now) and about my writing with some bits thrown in about writing in general. 

It is continually evolving as I'm always working on ways to make the content better and constantly relevant as well as working on bringing in more traffic and readers who will want to hang around, click a lot, read, share and comment. And, most importantly, have them come around and do the same thing... very often.

I will be happy to share further information about blog stats, feel free to email me with your request. Contact:

About the writer

The first thing you should know is I really enjoy what I do. Writing is one of those acts that can bring relaxation, delight, and revelation - not only to me; but to my lovely readers as well.

I have a bachelor's degree in Journalism and have written for newspapers and magazines. My journalism career took me from "just" a writer to an associate editor, assistant editor, managing editor as well as a freelance editor and writer. Here are some of the magazines I've written for:

Atlanta Tribune: The Magazine

Atlanta Good Life
Atlanta Woman
Images Magazine
New You Magazine

It has been my pleasure to have also been included as an editor and/or writer for industry publications, other blogs, and websites (including Campus Talk Blog) and on the team of some local authors as ghostwriter or editor. One of my favorite assignments was as an editor of a new comic book.

Making the transition from print publications to web content wasn't too difficult, but the process is very different. I think of it as things progressing and changing so writing for blogs, sites, and clients' social media accounts only seem natural.

When you want to include me in your project, please contact me via email: I'll be happy to hear what your project is, provide additional information and answer any questions you may have. I am Petula Writes - "I do my job so you're free to do yours." 

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