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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Release Your Inner Artist with Scratch & Create

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If you have been enjoying adult coloring books, but need a change or if you are looking for a new hobby this year then this may be for you. Let me introduce you to scratch art. You may be familiar with it as a child's activity, but these are much more interesting for grownups.

With the Scratch & Create books, you will etch and scratch illustrations with the specially designed stylus, which is provided. This is an original approach to creating art that you can display or giveaway as gifts thanks to the convenient perforated edges.

There are two types available, Scratch & Create postcard set and Scratch & Create hand lettering booklet. The postcard kits come stocked with one stylus, three different lettering stencil sets, a set of ornaments, and 16 scratch sheets. 

Each page in Scratch & Create: Wild Garden (the 20 designs are by Helen Dardik) is covered in a coating that you will scratch away to reveal the hidden scene. The idea is to fuel your creativity or provide a relaxing activity after a long day.

Scratch & Create I Love Lettering and Scratch & Created Hand-Lettered Life are both by Shanda Smith. 

Grab yourself a couple of these books and scratch to your heart's content. Check out more on Amazon.

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