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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Features of a perfect family car

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About two years ago, I was on my way home from an appointment when the car in front of me suddenly stopped. I slammed on my brakes and glanced in my rearview mirror and could see a pickup truck approaching. It was going way too fast to stop - apparently the driver hadn't been paying attention and looked up at the last minutes. He tried to swerve, but he was too late and slammed into the back on my minivan.

Unfortunately, my van was totaled and I was presented with the need to purchase another vehicle. Since I have a large family that meant not only finding a vehicle I could afford and that is reliable, but one that served our needs and fit our family.

What I had to consider was: the number of seats, the amount of cargo space, and gas mileage. Those are the three features that are most important to me.
  1. I regularly transport three to six people; therefore, six was the minimum number of seats I needed. I always like to have at least one additional seat, just in case, if everyone is riding and prefer an extra two seats.
  2. My van is used a lot. Almost everywhere we have to go is at least 30 minutes away and oftentimes we're driving 45 minutes to an hour one way.
  3. Since it's driven so much, I definitely needed a vehicle that was good on gas.
This is a 2016 Chrysler Town & Country Touring-L,
which is similar to the 2015 that I purchased.

I chose another minivan - a Chrysler Town & Country - that has these features:
  • Stow-and-go seats (I used to own a van that you had to remove the seats just to carry a large loads. The seats were heavy, awkward, and inconvenient.)
  • Seats up to 7 passengers
  • Gets good gas mileage
The bonus features:
  • DVD player with a dropdown screen and option to add a second screen.
  • Satellite radio and garage opener ready
  • Conversation mirror
  • Econ gas option
  • Three USB plugs and one AC plug
  • Tailgating seats
  • 14 cup holders
  • Double sliding doors

Choosing a vehicle with the features you want can be a daunting task, but at you can compare the vehicles you prefer and see which ones have the features you're looking for. You may also discover other features that you like but that you haven't thought of. 

What features do you need for your perfect family car?
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