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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

How to Cope When You Forget Your Phone...

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Yesterday I got out of my van at the Atlanta Veteran's Hospital and left my phone on the dash attached to its magnet. I was well into the facility before I realized that my hand was empty; surely the phone must be in my shoulder bag, right? WRONG. When it dawned on me the phone was in the car a feeling of dread came over me.

You know what I'm talking about, right? What if you need to call someone, do you remember the phone number? What if your child, boyfriend, husband, wife, girlfriend, babysitter, child's school, or that long-lost cousin try to call you? How will you play a game, check your email, write your grocery list?

Okay, breathe.
That's what I had to do. I had to slow down my brain and breathe. It's funny that it happened yesterday because I had just been listening to The Burt Show and one of the hosts, Brian Moote, talked about how he was reducing his cell phone time - the mindless scrolling of social media, the instantaneous checking of Facebook and Twitter, and the on-duty constant usage. He declared he would experience life, open up space for creativity to flow and just be with his own thoughts. GASP.

I think I felt a little anxious just hearing him talk about it. So, there I was in the midst of a sea of people and the world was coming to an end. Well, if it really was then I wouldn't know about it because I didn't have my phone. Ridiculous, right?

It got me to thinking: What in the world did I do with myself before I became attached to my smartphone? I'm constantly playing Words With Friends, texting, checking email. shopping, chatting on Messenger, writing notes in the memo, scrolling and liking on Instagram... I'm on my phone so much that I have to charge my battery at least twice during the course of the day. 

If you're in a panic as well about being without your phone, let me give you a few tips to ease your mind and prepare you for that dreaded moment. 

3 Things to Do/Have When You're Phoneless
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Use paper and pencil (or your favorite Sharpie) - I know it sounds antiquated, but pull out a good ole notebook. For guys, choose a pocket-sized one that easily slips into your pocket. One of the little leather ones with an attached pen would be perfect. slip into your pocket. Ladies, select a pretty, light one to add to your "everything and the kitchen sink" arsenal. On that same note, it could be a journal or a pad of stationary. Even though it's convenient to have everything on your phone, it's okay to write your to-do list on a piece of paper or in a notepad. If you're a writer then work on your current project; same for bloggers. If you're a business owner brainstorm marketing ideas or pen a draft of a correspondence you've been meaning to send. And moms, it's the perfect time to plan the next family outing, date, dinner or organizing project.
Choose a fancy leather journal...
A cute, whimsical notepad...
Or a classic notebook.

Have a conversation - Look around you. If you're sitting in a waiting room, standing in a line, or sitting waiting for a program to begin then they're probably other people nearby. Get out of your comfort zone and say hello, talk about the weather, or give them a compliment. You don't have to become best friends, but you never know who you'll meet and what type of impact you'll have on each other. 
Carry goodies in your bag - In addition to the snacks - like the squished granola bar at the bottom of your purse - there are numerous, small crossword puzzles, word finds, coloring books and sudoku books to keep you entertained.

Don't let being without a phone throw you for the proverbial loop. It almost drove me crazy until I realized I always carry a notebook and pen (my favorite is the .....) and guess what I did... I wrote most of this blog post and jotted down notes for two more. Talk about productive. If I'd had my Android with me I doubt that would have gotten done. Actually, I know it wouldn't have gotten done.

Take a minute to leave a comment about what you did when you left your phone somewhere or when the battery died. 

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