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Saturday, September 10, 2016

Independent Political Party Beliefs

Today's political climate hardly encourages independent thinking about the best way to move the country forward. Some on the left make efforts to appeal to a broader segment of the American population through its platform; others on the right do the same. Between the two, a middle ground is not always visible. When the middle speaks out of the shadows, one side or the other may attempt to shout it down. However, there is a middle ground for those with independent political party beliefs


How to Navigate the Changing Landscape of Life

My youngest, who's 9, asks to go outside with her friends. I let her go and reiterate the rules and she's gone in less than a minute. Funny, I think, she's going off to play with her friends and her two older siblings are still inside. It wasn't that long ago where she wasn't able to make a move without a sibling in tow. 

At 9 years old she's just a Little Bit - one of the nicknames I use - at barely 60 pounds. So this is a big step in the direction of her independence. Not only has she matured enough to want to go out without her brother or sister, but I'm beginning to feel more comfortable with this development. Even though I haven't moved from the comfort of my bed (thanks to a bug or infection or something that's plaguing me), I've still had her siblings - a brother, age 12, and her 11-year-old sister - check up on her periodically.

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