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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

1 Simple Solution to Purse Organization - #productreview

There is one thing most women who carry handbags have in common: they lose items within them. This can be an everyday issue. Whether it's throwing your keys into your purse when you run into a store and not being able to find them when you come back out, or the frantic search for lipgloss, lotion or any other small, tubular item that's never within reach when you want it the most.

If you're like me then you've tried just about everything to organize your pocketbook: I call it the Great Purse Organization Project. There's the keychain with the hook on it, a standard makeup bag, the wallet or notebook that holds a pen in the little loop or even a day planner with all the little pockets for IDs, credit cards or receipts. 

Nothing seems to work.

I'm happy to announce GPOP (Great Purse Organization Project, remember?) has been accomplished. Not only am I carrying a bag I really love - a Coach bucket bag - but I also have finally found the purse organizer: Baggie All by RuMe. Seriously, 'The Best Everyday Organizer' ever.

Guess what? I'm not the only one who thinks RuMe bags are fab. Two weeks ago, Good Morning America featured one of the travel bags that's great for organizing jewelry on the go. (Yea, I forgot to post this earlier.)

I've tried other purse organizers before. There was the stiff one that held everything, but was hard to get in and out of each purse and the contents, and the bag itself would scratch my fingers. Then I tried a soft one in red (my favorite color), but the zippers were awkward and there were way too many pockets - if you can believe that. When I took something out of the organizer it was hard to put it back in. For instance, it also held all of my bank cards and IDs, but when I removed one it was a pain getting it back in.

None of that is the case with the Baggie All. There are three pockets - large, medium and small. It's an ideal size and easily holds everything from notepads and ink pens to lotion, makeup, and medications. At first, I thought the bag wouldn't hold much; it's only about 5"x5", but I was surprised that just about all of the loose contents of my purse fit nicely. It's small enough to leave plenty of room in my purse for my full-sized wallet, hand lotion, and whatever other items I need.

What's inside? Full-sized dental floss, lipglosses, lipstick, a lip balm, mascara, notebook, blotting papers, a pencil and full-sized nail file, corrector tape, inhaler, pack of floss picks, car insurance information holder and a bunch of tiny little items that you need on the go (think Band-Aids, tweezers, brow corrector... oh, and I think there's also some candy).

Because it's a soft bag it's easy to get in and out of my handbag as well as squeeze a little bit extra into it. Overall, I love this bag and it's not just because it matches my purse. I also discovered it is great for a back-to-school accessory. It's the perfect place for all the little things that get lost in backpacks or purses. Erasers, White-Out, extra lead, notepads and Post-It Notes will all be easy to find and use with a cute little organizer like this.

I bought the RuMe bag pictured above through for a great price, but I found the same one in an array of color options on Amazon:

Tell me, how do you keep your purse or backpack organized?


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