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Saturday, June 13, 2015

It's all about you: What do you like?

There are many of goals I have for this blog of mine and at the top of this list is the desire to provide my readers with what they want. I recently inquired on my Facebook page about what readers and followers want to see on the FB page. The person who responded (yes, sadly, only one person left a comment) said "positive and uplifting things."

Take a moment to click the caption below to be taken to that post on my page or here and leave your comment.

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That's what I'm working on for tomorrow. I'm going to post something positive and uplifting. There is a little idea taking spark in my brain, but I don't want to ruin the surprise. Honestly, I'll probably be as surprised as you will be.

Readers, what kinds of subjects would you like to see here? Keep in mind that I mostly post reviews, health and writing. 
Bloggers, what are you writing about and how are you keeping your readers engaged?

Leave your comments below.

Don't forget to come back tomorrow to read what happens.

Cancer Journal #9 - Dazed & disappointed

As you probably have read by now (check out Cancer Journal #8) I've been feeling a bit better and my writing brain seemed to have kicked in again. Good, right? Exactly. Everything was good until I had to start taking low-dose chemotherapy for maintenance of multiple myeloma.

pills photo: pills 20090912_0426edit.jpg

Ten milligrams of Revlimid every day for about one to two years. The symptoms started on the second day. Nausea, stomach pain resulting in way too many trips to the bathroom, weakness, dizziness, pain... and just the total feeling of being unwell. It's been two weeks since I started taking it and I've already tried to get the dosage lowered with no success.

According to my doc, my cytogenetics for this disease are too high. And there's no way for them to know how long I'll be on it, but they're guesstimating two to three years. I'm giving it two years or less. I've survived this disease for 15 years (I think I've been saying 19 years; that incorrect. I was originally diagnosed in 1995.) with 13 of those being without chemotherapy and other treatment. I am really interested in having a high quality of life with my children and in everything I do.


Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Locs for Life Salon #review

Normally, I don't write negative reviews just for the sake of blasting a product, business or service. But this time I believe it's necessary.

One of the things I like to do when I'm considering services and products is to give black-owned businesses a try. I don't disregard businesses run by those of a different racial background because most of my "regular" purchases and services are done at those businesses. By patronizing black-owned businesses, it's my way of supporting my community. 

How I got here

Over the course of several months, if not longer, I noticed Locs for Life Salon. I even stopped in once to see what their prices are and to check out the place as well as looked them up online. When I saw a deal on Groupon for $120 worth of services for $48 I couldn't pass it up. Seemed like the perfect opportunity to experience their services and to get my youngest daughter's hair washed, groomed and styled by professionals. Unlike one of her older sisters who gets her hair done quite often, Anna has only had hers done professionally once or twice.


Sunday, June 7, 2015

What readers are saying #feedback

My recent efforts to get more engagement here, on my blog's Facebook page and in social media have paid off... a little. If you're a blogger then you know how much work you have to do in order to see results. Oftentimes, it feels like you're spinning your wheels, but when you start to see the results of your hard work then you know you should keep going.

I'm very grateful to those who have come by, liked, shared and commented. Here is a sampling of what some have said:

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