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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Finding focus: Writing about health & products

I'm sitting here with laptop in place and the annoyed look on my face. If you're a blogger then you know there are quite a few things that can put a complete and sudden stop to your work. The challenge comes when you have to fix the glitch, refocus and keep on writing.

So... here I sit.

Totally unfocused.

In an effort to force myself back into focus I'm just going to keep writing. Thursday that's what I told you I do, correct? Today, I want to share with you what I write. If you're new to my blog then this will be a good way for you to browse around and catch up. If you're a not-so-frequent visitor, but you sorta know what's going on then this will give you the opportunity to refresh.

Sound good? I'm just going to assume you're nodding.


Friday, May 29, 2015

Cancer Journal #8 - When will life normalize?

Does life "after" cancer ever become normal? I would be the wrong person to ask, actually, because I don't feel there is anyway you're just normal after cancer. I have come to that conclusion after living about 168 post stem cell transplant. That's one of the reasons why I write this cancer journal... to figure things out.

There isn't a time, day or moment when I'm not thinking about cancer. Honestly, it's the things that go along with cancer. 


Thursday, May 28, 2015

The story of me and writing

The cursor has been hovering in the same spot for at least 10 minutes waiting for me to begin. Where to begin is the question of the moment. Normally when I read about someone and their writing life they often say, “I can’t remember a time when I haven’t wanted to write.” Although that is true for me I want to begin somewhere more interesting, captivating… over-the-top exciting.

I’m just a regular girl whose big brother gave her a diary when she was 9. A girl who fell in love with English classes and reading; a girl who took Journalism and Creative Writing in high school. The words she wrote would mesh together on the paper – always handwritten or pounded out on a manual typewriter. Those words told stories, sang songs, rhymed or jumped; they took on a life on their own.

Behind those words there was a girl.

That girl was me.


Monday, May 25, 2015

4 projects to do with your child #summer #fun #education

fun with kids

First of all, Happy Memorial Day. As a veteran I can appreciate this day and for those of you who have served or have loved ones that have served or are serving, I wish you a very special day.

I know we – as parents – have good intentions to keep our children’s brains active. But, sometimes, as the summer days get underway we fall into some lazy, ho-hum days. To take your days from ho hum to high fun, keep reading.

First, visit your local Dollar Store and get a few things jars or plastic cups; flat baskets; colored paper, notebook paper and a ream of white paper; as well as foil, pompoms, crazy eyes, sticky letters, water colors, paint brushes, small stickers for little rewards, handwriting practice sheets (if you have young children), and flashcards. You can also make your own if they don’t have any on your children’s grade level. You should get math and vocabulary cards. Also, if you don’t have markers, pens, pencils, colored pencils, scissors, rulers, tape and glue, add that to your shopping list.

Next, organize your supplies at a table or other convenient location in your home… put the writing utensils in the jars or cups and use the flat baskets for the papers, etc. Also, add educational worksheets and books, which you may already have.

Now, let’s get started:


Sunday, May 24, 2015

Ending the school year with a bang #FamilyUpdate

family If you’re a mom you probably know the amount of pride I feel when it comes to my children and their accomplishments. At the end of this school year, which was just yesterday for my crew, each of my three youngest ended the year with a bang. (My oldest is still in college, but she’s doing well also.)

IMG_20150521_094923Last school year, my youngest child’s first grade teacher had them right goals. I was ecstatic that she’d done that because it’s right on track with the things I want my children to think about. There were three categories of the goals: educational, personal and, I think, relationships. For the educational goal Anna wrote that she wanted to be in the honor’s program and, if I remember correctly, she also wanted to continue to make straight As.

20150521_100154To my delight, Anna made principal’s list for the entire year. That’s all As during her second grade year. I am busting with pride and excitement for her, and she is extremely pleased with herself. She has always exhibited a propensity for learning, comprehension and drive so this it is a delight that she gets recognized for all of her hard work. Anna also received the citizenship award, which means she has exhibited kindness, respect, helpfulness, etc. I’m happy to say she normally gets this every year.

My second daughter, Amareah, is ending her fourth grade year and she earned about six awards. I was so excited that I forgot to pay attention to the details of them. I believe she got A/B honor roll, citizenship, which normally always gets, and four others. I’m overflowing with pride for her as well. She’s such a sweet, loving child (they all are) and she’s trying her best.

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