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Monday, April 13, 2015

Cancer Journal #7 - Putting the pieces together

Many of you have been coming by waiting for me to give an update on my health situation. (If you're new to my blog you can catch up with my fight against multiple myeloma by reading my cancer journal.) I'm normally very open about my health and life because I believe one's story - or as some say testimony - can help, comfort or inspire others.

What's been happening

I have hesitated in being my normal open self because on January 14th two days after I returned from receiving my treatment and bone marrow transplant in Tennessee I was served with papers from my ex-husband who was suing me for custody and child support of my three young children ages 11, 10 and 7. This occurrence and the subsequent emergency hearing (more about that at another time... maybe) not only threw me for a loop but extremely angered me.

My plan was to solely focus on gaining strength and getting some things in order at home, but my attention was diverted by this. The only thing I was interested in doing was writing a post spewing my thoughts, hatred and details of the situation... what gave me pause was the fact that my ex-husband used my health, previous posts and my GoFundMe page (can you believe it?) against me in court. Besides being pissed off about him using that against me I was even more aggravated that he was able to misconstrue my words by taking a couple of paragraphs of a post to prove his point. In essence saying I'm unable to take care of my children because of finances and my health.

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