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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Last-minute Snack Tip for your New Year's Eve Party #GardenLites

New Year's Eve and Super Bowl parites are normally a time for indulging in fatty, sugary and calorie-rich foods, but why not “swap it?” Replace those empty, sugary calories with clean, nutritious eating. Take this last-minute snack tip into the New Year for a healthy change to an unhealthy season. 

Garden Lites®, The Delicious Vegetable Company, debuts all new veggie-rich products to make surviving this unhealthy season not just bearable, but delicious. This is a good way to start the New Year especially if you've resolved to embrace a healthier lifestyle. Staying healthy while snacking doesn’t have to mean sacrificing taste. If you're like me then you have difficulty eating your recommended daily servings of veggies, but with Garden Lites® they've made it easy with their veggie rich foods including:

Garden Lites® Nickelodeon Ninja Power Muffins, 
Original Garden Lites® Muffins, 
Garden Lites® Veggie Bites, and 
(New!) Garden Lites® Mac & Cheese

These flavors offer healthy options for every occasion to assist you and your family in staying healthy this season because at Garden Lites® the first ingredient in everything is a vegetable. 

Garden Lites® rich foods are allergy-free foods, Non-GMO and Gluten-free. Their approach involves adding vegetables into familiar flavors and formats, along with fiber, protein and other important ingredients.

What do you think? Gonna replace some of your snacks with this healthier version?

Stay tuned for a review about the Garden Lites goodies.
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