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Thursday, December 17, 2015

How to Relax During the Holidays with Natural Calm

Disclosure: I received a complimentary sample of Natural Calm to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own. Read my complete disclosure policy for more information.

Regardless of how you celebrate the holidays, it's almost guaranteed that it will be a busy time. With shopping to do, parties to plan, relatives to welcome, halls to deck, gifts to wrap... this list is almost endless... our days and nights are filled with activity. For some of us, it's a load of fun and we bound through it energetically, but on the other side of the Christmas ornament, there are those of us who are bumbling along and stressed out.
There are several things we can do to relax and recenter ourselves. In fact, I've written a few posts about it in the past. Check out one on How to Zap Stress. In addition to the tried and true methods, I had the opportunity to review a product that promotes a calm and healthy wellbeing, Natural Calm, the Anti-Stress Drink from Natural Vitality, which is a magnesium supplement.

About Natural Calm and Magnesium

I'm sure you're wondering, as I was, 'Why do I need another something and why magnesium?' Magnesium (a mineral) is involved in hundreds of activities in our bodies. It's responsible for the balance of our nervous system, muscle relaxation, supports the integrity of our bones as well as heart health, blood sugar control, proper bowel functioning and energy production. When we have a lack of magnesium on the cellular level all of these processes can slow down causing a sluggish feeling. Since our body doesn't manufacturer minerals like it does vitamins, they must be regularly consumed and in sufficient amounts.

What does magnesium have to do with relaxing? You may be as surprised as I was to learn that it's known as the "anti-stress" mineral. It works to relax your muscles, nerves and blood vessels. It counter-balances calcium, which signals muscles to contract and excites nerves. The two should be properly balanced and if they aren't that in and of itself can be a source of stress.

Natural Calm is touted as being the best-selling magnesium supplement on the market for nine years consecutively as proved by 2015 SPINS data taken from health-food supermarket scanner reports. It features a propreietary forumula providing highly absorbable and water-soluable magnesium in ionic form so it works right away. "It's nature's way of restoring balance so you can find your inner calm and enjoy an improved level of health and calmfulness in your life," according to the Be Naturally Calm brochure.

My Take on Natural Calm

Everything the product's originators claim about magnesium can easily be verified with your physician or from an Internet search so we don't have to worry about that. So let's get down to my opinion. Normally when I review a food product or supplement the first things I think about are the smell and taste. I received the raspberry lemon flavor and, because it's in powder form, I already had my nose twisted in distaste. I guess that's the kid in me.

My turned up nose was all for naut. Natural Calm is a very fine powder that, as I mentioned, is easily dissolvable. It smells great - just like fresh lemons and raspberries - and the taste is wonderful. Depending on how much you use (the instructions recommend starting off with the lowest dose) will determine how strong the flavor is. So far I have tried it alone in a cup of hot water and in a cup of Zen tea. It is definitely enjoyable both ways.

The effects are almost immediate; I wasn't even finished with my first cup before I began to feel naturally relaxed. There are no side effects and it seemed as if my sleep was definitely better the first night I used it. The way I judged this was I had been sleeping horribly for about three weeks and the night I drank that I slept soundly.

Surprisingly, this calming beverage can also have the effect of increasing productivity and focus so it doesn't have an effect that will make you sleepy. It's ideal after your morning cup of coffee or for a midday energy boost. It is supplementing something that your body naturally uses and, unlike calcium, you can't "overdose" on it. Any magnesium that your body doesn't use is naturally secreted.

As I was finishing this post, I sipped a cup of Natural Calm with a dollop of honey and I not only felt good about drinking it; I also feel good about recommending it to you. With Christmas only nine days away you're definitely going to need some "calmfulness."

What's your favorite way to relax?

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