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Thursday, October 22, 2015

The Kabob Skewers Rack is a must-have for grilling (indoors and outdoors) #review

For some of you the weather is getting a bit too cool for outdoor grilling, but if you're a die-hard, year-round griller then you'll appreciate the Kabob Skewers Rack. As a  matter of fact, even if you'll only be cooking from your kitchen you can still use the skewer set for an amazing grilled-inspired meal.

The Kabob Skewers Rack, a product of Cave Tools, has the ideal clearance to keep your food from sticking on barbecue grates and pans or cookie sheets. Each skewer is equipped with a simple food removal disc that makes it easy to slide your food off the skewer. 

During the cooking process, you're able to completely rotate the flat skewers into eight positions allowing for the perfect rotisserie as compared to flat barbecue sticks that only keep the food in one place - well, two if you consider top and bottom. 

Since we've been bunking at my daughter's place I "conned" her into making kabobs one night. Because she lives on a second-floor apartment and a chill was in the air she made them in the oven. The food went onto the skewers easily and slid off just as easily using the discs. And, most importantly, they cooked evenly thanks to the square skewers to easily turn them and they tasted amazing.

We put a variety of combinations of food on the skewers including chicken, yellow and red peppers, zucchini, red onions and some had beef on them. Once we were finished enjoying the kabobs (over rice) they were easy to wash and store. The Kabob Skewers Rack has a stainless steel design and is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning, and it's also easy to store. You can slide the rack and skewers into a drawer or use the handy hanging loops to make storage a breeze.

Personally, I'm impressed with the rack and skewers for a few reasons. 

  1. That small bit of elevation makes the difference between food sticking to the grill or pan and it being easily removed it and ready to eat in little time.
  2. With square skewers, you're able to evenly cook the food with little effort.
  3. Easy, breezy cleanup and storage means little time in the kitchen.
Aren't you interested in purchasing your own Kabob Skewers Rack or giving it as a gift this Christmas season? There are two purchasing options. Visit or Amazon to purchase. If you get your set from Amazon use the coupon code LHWJZQMZ for 15 percent off.

What kabob combinations do you enjoy?

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