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Monday, October 19, 2015

Celebrating Mini Wins with @Tastykake Minis #review

I received a complimentary box of Tastykake Minis to facilitate my review; however, any opinions expressed here are my own honest commentary. See my disclosure policy for more information.

Lately, there has been a lot going on around these parts. Although I moved from my old place my children and I are in transition. What does that mean? Quite a bit that I'm not ready to share with you right now, but I will definitely bring up at a later point. What I do want to share with you is how we used +Tastykakes to celebrate the mini win of getting all of our belongings out of the old apartment, where we were no longer comfortable.

I had been holding onto some of the Tastykake Minis to share with the kids - somehow a few disappeared (I admit to nothing!) so instead of waiting any longer I pulled out what was left to give to two of my daughters, 10-year-old Amareah and Anna who's 8. We were sitting on the floor waiting for their older sister to come back so we could finalize cleaning the apartment, but I thought a little celebration would lighten the mood.

I spread the girls' comforters and sleeping bags out on the floor for a little, spontaneous sweet picnic and we talked about how happy we were to be moving. You have to admit, every major change is made a little smoother by a yummy treat.

My children - all four of them - are always happy to test any product I receive and when it comes to chocolate you don't have to ask twice. But they are honest with their opinions so the thumb's up from Amareah and Anna's smile mean I'm sure they'll be asking for these tasty minis again.

My camera was not cooperative and only the above photo
was presentable enough to share.
In this mom's opinion, my children consume way too much sugar on a regular basis; however, with TastyKake Minis I appreciate the small size and the big taste. The size works for giving each child their own pack or for taking one pack and giving each of them one cupcake (I normally have my two daughters and my son together and they all expect their portion.) 

Although I don't usually eat packaged cupcakes I will definitely consider buying the TastyKake Minis. The taste and texture of the cupcakes is spot on (fresh and moist) and there is only a light taste of sugar. Whether I'm getting a sweet treat for myself or my children, TastyKake Minis are on the list. 

Visit Tastykake on Facebook and Instagram to see what's happening now. 

Have you tried TastyKake Minis yet? If not, will you try them now?

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