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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

That one moment

You know that moment, in the early morning hours before people start banging around and speaking loudly? The moment when the crickets, frogs and other little nocturnal creatures are still loudly announcing their existence? It's that moment when you cock your head and perch your ear to listen. It's that pause when you feel instantaneous peace. 

It's the little moment you find complete happiness... before you check email, text your friends, call your mother and open your laptop or turn on your computer. It's right before someone's car horn startles you, before 65 mph traffic. It's that one moment of everyday, if you're lucky, that you can focus on for a little peace.  

You may also find that moment right before you fall asleep... After you silence your phone, turn off electronics and pause your brain for a second. You'll hear the crickets and the frogs announcing the nighttime party for tiny creatures... It's that moment; that one, right there.
That moment...


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