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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Locs for Life Salon #review

Normally, I don't write negative reviews just for the sake of blasting a product, business or service. But this time I believe it's necessary.

One of the things I like to do when I'm considering services and products is to give black-owned businesses a try. I don't disregard businesses run by those of a different racial background because most of my "regular" purchases and services are done at those businesses. By patronizing black-owned businesses, it's my way of supporting my community. 

How I got here

Over the course of several months, if not longer, I noticed Locs for Life Salon. I even stopped in once to see what their prices are and to check out the place as well as looked them up online. When I saw a deal on Groupon for $120 worth of services for $48 I couldn't pass it up. Seemed like the perfect opportunity to experience their services and to get my youngest daughter's hair washed, groomed and styled by professionals. Unlike one of her older sisters who gets her hair done quite often, Anna has only had hers done professionally once or twice.

What in the world happened?

As of today, I've visited two of these salons once each (Flat Shoals & Candler roads locations) in an effort to get Annas's hair done. The first time I called to make an appointment. The person who answered never told me I should schedule with the online service or verified that I was making an appointment at the right location. She said okay and that she was making a note of it.When I arrived, with three children in tow, I was told there wasn't an appointment in their computer for Anna and that we were at the wrong location. They also said the stylists do not take interlocking appointments after a certain time, which was also something I wasn't told even though the person I specifically asked over the phone to make it for interlocking services. And, she said, they wouldn't have made an appointment at that time. As if I'm making up a story about the appointment. What would be the point of that? That was on May 8th.

Today, when I arrived for the appointment at the Candler location the young man who was checking us in noticed the Groupon and said it had been cancelled. I pointed out that it didn't expire. He reiterated the cancellation and added, "Even still we don't do sisterlocks with the Groupon." Now, remember, the individuals at the Flat Shoals location saw my daughter's hair and didn't say one word about sister-locks. I started my daughter's locs using small braids so I know they are not sister-locks. I said, "Why are you calling them that? Because of the size?"

The size of a loc does not make it a sister-lock. I had small locs for 11 years and immersed myself in learning about that hairstyle choice. Anna's hair isn't even able to be styled like sister-locs, which are often as small as a few strands of hair that can be curled and styled as if the hair is loose.

The Groupon & final thoughts

The Groupon says it's for loc services; it doesn't say anything about not being valid for a certain size or type of locs.

It also says that it will never expire for the amount I've paid for it, which is $48. Locs for Life and its representative never suggested a wash and style or anything to show any type of concern for a potential customer. Today, I was just bringing one child, but after seeing the services and how they did on Anna's hair I would have also taken or referred my oldest daughter, 23, and I would have used them for myself as well as my 10-year-old daughter. We all have natural hair. They missed out on four potential customers as well as any I would have recommended.

I'm not sure if those who work at these salons are incompetent or just lazy. In all the years that I've visited hair salons, I have never had any experience like this. My rating, if I were to give one, would be a 0 for unprofessional, uninformed and useless.

Have you experienced anything like this at an establishment you've patronized? What would you have done?

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