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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

It's pizza night ~ Red Baron Brick Oven #review #GotItFree

I'm a BzzAgent and received a coupon for free Red Baron Brick Oven pizza I was able to try this for free.

Red Baron recently introduced their brick oven pizza, which is available in cheese trio, meat-trio®, pepperoni and sausage supreme. Here are some brief descriptions of the pizza from the Red Baron site:
  • Mouth-watering mozzarella, provolone and Parmesan cheeses on top of the unique Brick Oven crust, make RED BARON® Brick Oven Cheese Trio your perfect pizza.
  • The new, mouthwatering combination of pepperoni, ham and sausage makes RED BARON® Brick Oven MEAT TRIO® the ultimate meat lover's pizza.
  • New RED BARON® Brick Oven Pepperoni Pizza combines thick pepperoni and crispy, bubbly crust for the perfect blend of texture and flavor.
  • RED BARON® Brick Oven Sausage Supreme lives up to its name with high quality toppings like hand-pinched sausage with fennel, hearty green pepper slices, diced onions, robust sauce, and bubbly, crispy crust.
What do you think thus far? Sounds good for pizza night, right? And that's pretty much what it's about: a tasty pizza that's ready quickly for the family. Add salad, french fries, sweet corn or even soup and you have a complete, healthy meal. It's a matter of rounding up the crew for a dinner that not even the children will complain about; everyone will be happy to share their day or enjoy family time when their taste buds and tummies are feeling good. After a long day of taking care of everyone, working and however you spend your time, it's nice to not have to fret over dinner choices.

When I tried the Red Baron Brick Oven pizza, I chose the trio cheese pizza because I don't regularly eat beef or pork. The pizza was easy to remove from the box and plastic, and I used a pizza pan to bake it. Most pizza pans, like the one I use, have small holes on the bottom to facilitate the crust baking evenly. In a short 15 minutes the pizza was evenly baked and ready to eat.

Overall, the pizza was okay. I have to admit it's not the best I've had, but it also wasn't horrible. Now, you can't take my word for it. Try it for yourself and let me know what you think. I will have to taste the other flavors to make a full assessment, which I will do once all the children are home for the summer. (BTW: they return tomorrow.) The children will give the final thumb's up or thumb's down on what they think of the pizza. That's what counts, right? Those little people are pizza-munching machines.

I may come back and write an update to let you know what the children really think about the new Red Baron Brick Oven pizza. In the meantime, answer the following questions in the comments:

  1. Do you have pizza night? If so, what day of the week is it?
  2. What side dishes, if any, do you prepare to go with it?
  3. Have you tried Red Baron in the past? What about their Brick Oven choice?
  4. What are your favorite pizza toppings?


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