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Monday, June 29, 2015

Ice cream, one of the best things about summer #WeightWatchers

I'm guilty... of eating ice cream all year 'round, but there is some kind of extra pleasure that comes along with enjoying ice cream during the summer months. When you're taking a lick of cold, sweet vanilla on top of your favorite ice cream cone, you almost immediately forget about the 90+ degrees waiting for you outside.

You know what makes ice cream even better? Low-calorie, good-tasting ice cream. Thanks to Influenster I scored (for free!) Weight Watchers® Peanut Butter Caramel Ice Cream Bars and Dark Chocolate Dulce de Leche from my local Kroger. 

Truth be told, I was a little skeptical about trying the Weight Watchers brand of ice cream. The last time I tested that brand was about 20 years ago (did you know the company was founded in 1963?) and it didn't appeal to me at the time. 

Today, I'm happily sold on Weight Watchers ice cream. Although I'm not a fan of caramel I really enjoyed the taste of it in the peanut butter caramel bars because it was light and not too sweet or sticky. The vanilla ice cream may not seem as rich as some of the other full-fat versions, but it was very enjoyable and tasty. 

In fact, I've been known to have one peanut butter caramel and one dark chocolate in the same day hour. Hey, it's fewer calories, right? I don't make that a habit because it basically defeats the point of consuming a treat that's better for you.

Dark Chocolate is my absolute favorite type of chocolate and that makes the Dulce de Leche a winner. It has a thin dark chocolate shell and smooth, creamy vanilla beneath it. It's the ideal combination of chocolate and ice cream.

You probably realize - just as I do - that when it's time to cut calories and monitor the types of foods we intake, having a treat now and then is key. That treat, especially a good-for-you one, can mean the difference between continuing healthy eating habits and reverting to hiding goodies in a junk-food drawer.

When it's all said and done, I give Weight Watchers ice cream a thumb's up. As a matter of fact, I just may have one after I finally put my laptop away. 

What do you think about the Weight Watchers brand? Have you tried their ice cream yet?

I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.
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