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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Cancer Journal #9 - Dazed & disappointed

As you probably have read by now (check out Cancer Journal #8) I've been feeling a bit better and my writing brain seemed to have kicked in again. Good, right? Exactly. Everything was good until I had to start taking low-dose chemotherapy for maintenance of multiple myeloma.

pills photo: pills 20090912_0426edit.jpg

Ten milligrams of Revlimid every day for about one to two years. The symptoms started on the second day. Nausea, stomach pain resulting in way too many trips to the bathroom, weakness, dizziness, pain... and just the total feeling of being unwell. It's been two weeks since I started taking it and I've already tried to get the dosage lowered with no success.

According to my doc, my cytogenetics for this disease are too high. And there's no way for them to know how long I'll be on it, but they're guesstimating two to three years. I'm giving it two years or less. I've survived this disease for 15 years (I think I've been saying 19 years; that incorrect. I was originally diagnosed in 1995.) with 13 of those being without chemotherapy and other treatment. I am really interested in having a high quality of life with my children and in everything I do.

write photo:  2ijsqx0.jpgTo be creative and to be able to produce copy all the time and quickly is near impossible on this drug. It is most definitely a struggle I thought I was finished with. the chemo drains me and gives me chemo brain, which is a very bad brain fog. Some of you may be familiar with it as fibro fog or mommy brain, but it is definitely way more challenging. And, dare I say, debilitating. 

I've made some great progress in posting more, participating in Facebook blogging groups, increasing engagement and blog hopping. I have also been trying to learn and do more as far as blogging is concerned... The ultimate goal is to make more money. Of course, right? I also really like what I do so that's a plus.

So, what's a writer to do? (Get it? I just posted on that topic.) I'm not sure if the three tips I wrote in that post will help me, but I guess I'll give them a try. In the meantime, I've been instructed to get more rest and take it easy. Let's see if I'm able to do that and accomplish my goals.

Tell me, have you experienced anything similar to this? How did you handle it?
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