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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Finding focus: Writing about health & products

I'm sitting here with laptop in place and the annoyed look on my face. If you're a blogger then you know there are quite a few things that can put a complete and sudden stop to your work. The challenge comes when you have to fix the glitch, refocus and keep on writing.

So... here I sit.

Totally unfocused.

In an effort to force myself back into focus I'm just going to keep writing. Thursday that's what I told you I do, correct? Today, I want to share with you what I write. If you're new to my blog then this will be a good way for you to browse around and catch up. If you're a not-so-frequent visitor, but you sorta know what's going on then this will give you the opportunity to refresh.

Sound good? I'm just going to assume you're nodding.

As my sub-header says, I'm an aspiring author sharing my writing, my reviews and my life. That includes posts about my health when I talk a lot about my cancer journey and, in the past, included information about two other disorders I battle: sjogren's syndrome and fibromyalgia. With the writing portion of my life I haven't figured out how to include that on a consistent basis, but I think I've been doing a better job of that lately. And, in the past I've written book reviews and I continue to write product reviews.

Even though I know exactly the topic I'm going to write about I still have trouble finding my focus. When I write I like to have mostly quiet, but I've been writing with the television on lately to drown out the sound of my boyfriend's computer game. Don't get me started on that. If I'm frustrated - like I was when I started this post - then that computer game and television drive me absolutely crazy. They still are actually and I'm trying to get my fingers to move more quickly so I can get this completed.

The best ways to stay focused:

  • Leave the room
  • Leave the house
  • Don't write

Okay, that last one is counterproductive, but I hope you know what I mean. I don't want to have to be the one who leaves all the time. It's annoying.

When I'm being mature about it, here is what I do to find focus:

  • Read a book on my Kindle - I still prefer to read an actual book, but I have so many more choices of what to read on the Kindle. Bonus: It's very light.
  • Write in a journal - I've begun keeping multiple journals. Instead of a day-to-day journal, I also write about emotions and mental health in one; another contains notes and jottings for the kids (activities, plans, etc.) and there are couple of others covering different topics.
  • Read other blogs - What better way to find focus and even inspiration than to read someone else's blog? Bonus: It's an opportunity to complete by blog hopping and comment love.

How do you find your focus when you're working? (Especially if you work from home.) When something interrupts you and causes you to lose your focus, how do you recenter yourself to get it back?

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