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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Ending the school year with a bang #FamilyUpdate

family If you’re a mom you probably know the amount of pride I feel when it comes to my children and their accomplishments. At the end of this school year, which was just yesterday for my crew, each of my three youngest ended the year with a bang. (My oldest is still in college, but she’s doing well also.)

IMG_20150521_094923Last school year, my youngest child’s first grade teacher had them right goals. I was ecstatic that she’d done that because it’s right on track with the things I want my children to think about. There were three categories of the goals: educational, personal and, I think, relationships. For the educational goal Anna wrote that she wanted to be in the honor’s program and, if I remember correctly, she also wanted to continue to make straight As.

20150521_100154To my delight, Anna made principal’s list for the entire year. That’s all As during her second grade year. I am busting with pride and excitement for her, and she is extremely pleased with herself. She has always exhibited a propensity for learning, comprehension and drive so this it is a delight that she gets recognized for all of her hard work. Anna also received the citizenship award, which means she has exhibited kindness, respect, helpfulness, etc. I’m happy to say she normally gets this every year.

My second daughter, Amareah, is ending her fourth grade year and she earned about six awards. I was so excited that I forgot to pay attention to the details of them. I believe she got A/B honor roll, citizenship, which normally always gets, and four others. I’m overflowing with pride for her as well. She’s such a sweet, loving child (they all are) and she’s trying her best.


My one and only son, Andre, was surprised by achieving a special award for being at the top of his class for achieving one of the highest test scores in his entire (all of them!) 5th grade class. He was so excited and surprised. I love to hear the joy and delight in his voice. As a mom with one son, there’s a special place in my heart for him and seeing him excelling in school is what I’ve (and he!) have worked for the last few years. Sometimes it’s a tough battle to get your children to want it as much as you do, but I think they’re all on their way to educational greatness.






Here’s Andre with his teacher and a few snaps of him in the crowd. Anna and Amareah were able to be in attendance to see their big brother get his awards. I think they were excited about being there because they both told me (I was able to be there because of an appointment) that they were there. I’m sure they were also excited they were leaving school early to go out of town with their father and his family.

What accomplishments did your children make this past school year? What things will you do to keep your children’s brains on the ball this summer?

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