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Monday, April 27, 2015

5 times every woman should treat herself*

*Check the end of this post for 5 quick ways to treat yourself

It’s an ongoing topic of conversation about women taking time for themselves or sometimes putting themselves first. I’ve decided to give you some definitive times when you should

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definitely treat yourself. Hopefully this list will make it easier for you to take a moment for yourself.

  1. After a mammogram – The past couple of times I’ve had a mammogram it wasn’t that painful; however last week I thought the woman was having a bad day because she squeezed the heck out of my breasts. I have a high tolerance for pain, but this time I had to grit my teeth and dig my nails into my hands to avoid screaming.
  2. After a visit with the gynecologist – There’s one word you should consider to be convinced you should treat yourself: Violation! Besides the invasion of your lower regions, aren’t you just through with your GYN talking to you while they’re fooling around down there?
  3. When you clean the bathroom – For some reason, no matter what we do, the bathroom your child(ren) use is always gross especially if you have boys. I have a son and I know he’s very neat and particular, but there’s always some sprinkles. (I’m not even gonna talk about men in the home!) Whenever you have to put your face anywhere near the commode you get a treat.
  4. When you’re beating yourself up – Whether you’re disappointed in a weight gain or lack of weight loss, whether you’ve stayed on task and finished your to-do list or not or have just decided to be hard on yourself. Stop yourself in the midst of the negative thoughts, take a deep breath and start thinking about what treat you’re going to use to help you feel better.
  5. During the chance you get a moment alone – It seems like you children, spouse/partner or other family members  are always around making noise, asking questions or just being themselves. But there are times when you cock your head and realize you’re alone and can do whatever you want. Don’t try to get a bit of housework done quickly or work on an assignment or task, instead – every once in awhile – do something special for yourself.

Screenshot_2015-04-27-12-06-37Right now you’re thinking you don’t know what to do for yourself or some other reason that you’ll talk yourself out of taking time for yourself. Let me stop you right there. You must do it: For yourself, your family and your sanity and health. To sway you from excuses here are 5 quick ways to treat yourself.

  1. Stop for a drink – It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. Here we have Sonic Drive In and they have Happy Hour – half price slushes and maybe other drinks as well – and through the summer they have half price shakes after 8 p.m. Look for other deals at places you like to frequent near you.
  2. Spend time with a friend – I was just having an email conversation with a good friend and we were talking about how getting together with girlfriends is a delightful way to break up a day. Whether you meet for a meal, a drink or just spend time sitting and chatting, you’ll walk away feeling refreshed.
  3. Sit and read a book (or knit, do a puzzle, draw…) – Whatever helps you to relax and makes you happy.
  4. Make a quick snack & a drink – Blend a smoothie or iced coffee drink, have a glass of wine, a second cup of coffee or tea, and pair it with your favorite snack. Make it a healthy snack and you’ll feel satisfied and accomplished.
  5. Spend some money on yourself – Sometimes I like browsing the local Dollar Store for a new journal or craft and scrapbooking supplies. If you don’t like the Dollar Store then hit up Walmart, Target or any other store that has dollar days for an inexpensive treat. If you have a bit of money to spend on yourself figure out the one (or two!) things you’ve been meaning to buy for yourself and then hit the store. If you’d rather shop from home like I do then tap into your favorite store. Before you do that sign in through ebates for cash back, MyPoints for rewards or other rebate or coupon sites. Deals always make me happy.

Can you think of other times when we should treat ourselves? Do you have ideas about treats? Share them in the comments below and also share with us the last time you treated yourself.







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