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Monday, February 9, 2015

Cherish the memories with Complete Tooth Fairy Kit #giveaway

There are so many precious moments when you have a child: The softness of their little, plump cheek pressed against yours, the wisps of hair that tickle your chin, the first roll or crawl or step... And the moment when your baby turned toddler and kindergarten begins to loose their teeth.

The tradition of putting those little teeth under the pillow in hopes that the tooth fairy will visit takes on a new life with the Complete Tooth Fairy Kit that helps you save, organize and cherish baby teeth in the cutest way possible. The kit contains the Tooth Fairy Door Hanger (to alert the Tooth Fairy of the child's location), Baby Tooth Pouch (for the baby teeth and the much-desired coins), Tooth Fairy stationary and Baby Tooth Flapbook to save baby's teeth.

When my oldest daughter Amber, now 23, was little there wasn't anything like this and I never thought to look for one when the other three were of the "losing tooth age." When I first heard about the Complete Tooth Fairy Kit I was immediately enthralled and requested a sample to share with you. I was sent two complementary kits - one special for a boy and the other for a girl.

The girl's kit I gave to Amber for my granddaughter who's only 2 right now, and with Amber being a young mom I was interested in her thoughts about it. "This is the cutest thing ever," she said, "I'm definitely looking forward to using it... in a few years."

We know children begin losing their teeth around the ages of 5 and 6 so we have a little while to wait before Autumn begins loosing her teeth. Just imagine the joy we'll have with that little keepsake.

That said, I thought one of you would like the chance to save your little boy's baby teeth or give it to a young mom who would love to cherish the same. Let's get started with the giveaway.


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Can't wait to see if you'll win the giveaway? Just click the image below to purchase.

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