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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Sun-Protective Playwear by Little Leaves #product #review

As mothers we have an intense desire to protect our children in all areas of their lives, and when we learn of a product that will assist with that then we’re gung-ho to try it. That’s why when I heard about Little Leaves Sun-Protective Playwear I had to check out it myself.

The below referenced product was provided by Little Leaves to facilitate this review. As always opinions expressed are my own. For more information review my complete disclosure policy.

The playwear, which blocks 99 percent of skin-cancer causing UV radiation, was developed by a dermatologist and a pediatrician, doctors Carlos and Carley Gomez-Meade. The material is soft to the touch, made of hypoallergenic bamboo fabric resulting in a breathable, lightweight, odor-blocking and moisture-wicking item. With the knowledge that chronic sun exposure and sunburns are directly linked to the development of skin cancer, it seemed a smart choice to give this product a try.

CAM01054~2My son’s favorite color is green and since he’s in the pre-teen stage I chose the shark design for him. I explained to him the benefits of the shirt and asked him to wear it on a very sunny and hot day when he had to ride his razor ride-on toy to take the trash out. Andre’s first response when he returned from doing his chore, “Whew, it’s so hot out there.”

“How do you feel,” I said, “did the shirt help?”

He thought for a moment and answered in the affirmative. He said that although he was sweaty the shirt helped him to feel a little cooler. Even with the intense 90-degree sun the shirt picked up the faint breeze. As a matter of fact, he cooled down much quicker than his sisters did who accompanied him on his ride to the dumpster. His overall review: Two thumbs up.

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