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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Surprise. I scored the Versatile Blogger Award

I don’t think I’ve received an award since the first year or two of blogging so I was oh-so-totally surprised when Maketta, the Money to be Made blogger, so kindly bestowed me with this honor. What makes this such an honor is because she reads my blog. It’s cool to know and be acknowledged by someone who “knows” you.

versatile blogger award

Once you’ve received the award you’re supposed to pay it forward and choose 15 bloggers whose blogs fit this description: Has quality writing with words that display a high level of love, covers unique subjects and quality photographs and the level of love displayed in taking them.

I must admit I’m not a fan of tagging people, but I am going to share the blogs that I really enjoy because of the bloggers who run them. In my effort to be … wait for it … versatile, I’m going to choose a few bloggers who I adore, but exemplify them from the instructions of tagging. If they choose to do so and pay it forward then that’s perfect. If not, I totally understand.  Whatcha think?


Cancer Journal: ‘To the moon Alice, right to the moon.’

When my father was alive one of his favorite television shows was The Honeymooners. So every time I say, “To the moon Alice!” I am not only reminded of my father and that funny sitcom, but it tends to make me laugh even in serious or stressful situations.

Entry #2

That famous line runs through my head every time I have to get blood drawn, an IV inserted or another pill added to my daily regimen. If it’s not running through my head then I’m saying to Amber, my oldest daughter, “If they stick me one more time… to the moon Alice, right to the moon!” Ralph never hit Alice and I haven’t attacked a nurse or technician yet, but boy, I tell ya, I’m sure it would make me feel better.

For the past six months, I have went to the Veteran’s Hospital every.single.week for my out-patient cancer treatment. Every week I have to go to the lab and get my blood drawn so you can imagine how unhappy my arms and veins have become. And there are the few times, about a handful, that my arms have been bruised. I remember once when my arm was so bruised it looked like someone had hit my arm with a baseball bat.


Are we serious about writing?

I’ve posed that question to myself recently. And, if you’re like me you’ve also asked yourself, “Do I have what it takes to be an author?” My first piece of advice to you is: Start writing your novel and find out.

In my utmost superior voice, I am able to say that because I have started my novel. In fact, I am more than halfway complete with 35,000 plus words. This novel has merged from my original thought of lost love, hurt and relationship mayhem to mystery and murder with a dash of love and sex thrown, uh, weaved in. What has made me more serious about it lately is the looming multiple myeloma that’s plaguing me and, most recently, its dominion over my nice, beautiful plasma cells.


Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Tagged Tuesday: What have I done for me lately?

Tagged Tuesdays originated at Anni’s Bubble and is a fun, engaging post for bloggers to connect, share and reinvent themselves. Each week bloggers will be given a specific topic to write about and we encourage readers to visit the blogs, comment and share.

Tagged Tuesdays

As women, and mothers in particular, we have a tendency to be great caregivers... Except when it comes to taking care of self. We live in an era of self love and the like, but many of us still struggle with it. I am also guilty of that; oftentimes putting myself last on the list.

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