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Friday, February 21, 2014

Celebrate & research your #history

Among the other celebrations and acknowledgements that happen during the month of February, I must mention this month is also Black History Month. It’s great to acknowledge the true greats in our history, but we should not forget the greats who are members of our own families.

February is the ideal time to begin looking up your family history, starting or completing a family tree and finding the “greats” in your familial history. Researching family history can be a huge undertaking, but the trick is to just get started.

Begin with your immediate family and work your way back. While you’re searching for information ask questions of those still living and fill in the blanks. Not just with names, but with stories and details about your family. You’ll be surprised what you learn and you may even figure out some things about yourself along the way.

Here’s what you should do while you’re talking to your family:

  1. Choose a research tool like
  2. Take some classes. Attend seminars.
  3. Keep accurate and organized records and notes.
  4. Digitize photos and keep originals safe.
  5. Don’t give up.

I started researching my family tree quite a few years ago. When I hit a snag my active research dwindles away. Right now there is one family member who has more information than anyone else that I’d like to ask questions of. My beautiful 95-year-old grandmother. That brings me to the sixth thing on your family history to-do lists:

    6.   Don’t waste time.

What else is happening this month? There’s National Children’s Dental Health Month and, of course, all things love related (self love, friendship love). Here’s a Black History post I wrote a few years ago. It’s amazing how much my children have grown since then. Click to read my posts about these subjects.

If you’re interested… Here is a link to purchase books related to Black History from Amazon. I am an Amazon affiliate, which means if you click my link I will receive a small amount of monetary compensation.



Thursday, February 20, 2014

Help, my tree is dying

There are a few material things I really love, but the one most on my mind right now is my tree. The is something about bringing a touch of nature into my home that makes me very happy.

When I bought the tree (think it's an Asian money tree) it was in a smaller pot that wasn't too difficult to carry. It has grown into a pot that I have to slide across the floor to move.

Recently my baby (yes, I'm talking about the plant) the lower leaves have begun to yellow and fall off. They're young leaves so I started getting concerned when the numbed of leaves falling began to grow. I told the baby it's not Fall so she should stop.

She didn't listen.

She looks so sparse now. I'll move her around to see if I can direct sun on the lower leaves, and I hope it's as simple as that. Do you have any suggestions?

In the meantime I'll do some research to see if I can find more information.

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