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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Fashion favorites on #Pinterest

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Not too long ago I was pinning a feigning-for outfit to my Pinterest board “My Style” when I realized that a lot of what I’ve pinned lately is probably best (better) for me when I was a size or three smaller and shaped waaaay differently. That got me to thinking whether I would even try on those choices.
Let’s take a look at my choices:

I love the dress above, but I haven’t had a figure like this since I was in my 30s and younger… maybe early 40s. If I wore this now people would gather and operate as the fashion police. Isn’t this a beauty?

The next outfit is hot tamales. Sophisticated, but youthful. However, Given my current circumstances (check out my cancer journal) this doesn’t look practical or comfortable. Through a slim fitting, leather jacket or coat over it and you’re ready to go for a Fall outing. Don’t forget to add tights.
Cute! Love it! my dream work outfit
This sweater dress is great for Fall and Winter. I wouldn’t wear it now because of my tummy issues and other things that bulge in places they didn’t use to. You know what I mean, right?
F/W Fashion
#3810, created by christa72 on Polyvore
This cocoa brown and sunshine yellow number, in my opinion, works for someone who’s not fighting belly bulge… However, I’m thinking maybe Spanx or similar undergarments will help. Yes?
What are you pinning on your Pinterest board that may not work for you in your current state or that’s wishful thinking? Tell me in the comments and leave a link to one of your favorite Pinterest boards.
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