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Saturday, November 1, 2014

My only son is 11

It’s amazing that my son, who was born six weeks early and weighed just more the 4 lbs, is 11 years old. I’m quite enthralled by him and the person he is becoming. His interests, likes, dislikes and developing maturity are a source of amazement. He’s no long the little preemie whose little body would rest lightly on my forearm regardless of what I was doing.

Here he is over the years – my handsome son.

DSCF2963trio fall 2012Andre is a fabulous big brother to his sisters Anna and Amareah, and he’s a loyal little brother to big sister Amber.



He likes to be active…2012-10-20 16.29.37Andre on scooter Christmas 2012  And he’s definitely creative and talented…Andre summer '13

  He won a school lunch poster contest in 2012.

Andre poster 2

He’s a doting uncle to his little niece Autumn.

2013-02-22 16.05.53

He never passes up an opportunity to be silly.

2012-10-06 22.39.14

2012-10-10 19.29.34

Happy 11th year my precious son!

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