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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Celebrating my son’s 11th #birthday

Two days ago my son turned 11 years old and we – as a family – celebrated him. Even though I waited until Monday while he was in school to gather the necessary items to put the family celebration, which is a tradition, together I knew exactly what to get and everything fell into place. A cake selected, gifts purchased, ice cream chilling and a bit of decorations in green (his favor color) and black.

When my son walked in the door and laid his eyes on the table that was covered in black and green tablecloths with three gift bags and matching plates and forks his face broke into a wide grin and his eyes lit up. That’s when my heart melted. You see, my son’s birthday celebration and party were supposed to be planned by his father, but it didn’t work out. I won’t go into the details. Discovering that fact made me put a little extra effort into his day.

When the kids arrived I put Doritos in the bowl on the table for them to snack on (rest assured, they normally have healthier snacks in the afternoon), and promptly let Andre open one of his presents, the game Jenga. We’d all been wanting to try this game out and I knew it is one a boy would enjoy. I mean, what could be better than to build something and then eventually see it come crashing down?

The results of us – me, two of his sisters and him – playing the game? Much laughter. Again, my heart was warmed.

After two kinds of pizza, more Doritos, birthday cake, ice cream and two more presents opened, the day ended in satisfaction for all. What summed it up so beautifully was something my son said, “This is the best family birthday celebration ever!” My heart is ablaze with love.

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