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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Surprise. I scored the Versatile Blogger Award

I don’t think I’ve received an award since the first year or two of blogging so I was oh-so-totally surprised when Maketta, the Money to be Made blogger, so kindly bestowed me with this honor. What makes this such an honor is because she reads my blog. It’s cool to know and be acknowledged by someone who “knows” you.

versatile blogger award

Once you’ve received the award you’re supposed to pay it forward and choose 15 bloggers whose blogs fit this description: Has quality writing with words that display a high level of love, covers unique subjects and quality photographs and the level of love displayed in taking them.

I must admit I’m not a fan of tagging people, but I am going to share the blogs that I really enjoy because of the bloggers who run them. In my effort to be … wait for it … versatile, I’m going to choose a few bloggers who I adore, but exemplify them from the instructions of tagging. If they choose to do so and pay it forward then that’s perfect. If not, I totally understand.  Whatcha think?

Here we go…

Stacie at Stacie Say So is the sweetest woman to know. She’s kind and thoughtful; always around when you need her (even though it may take her awhile to respond – I couldn’t resist that, Stacie!) and she’s loyal to the end. Her blog has a great balance of nail and beauty products addiction with fashion and a pinch of life weaved in. She loves to save money and kindly shares how she does it. And, if she offers advice it’s with a touch a ladylike class that only the best of girlfriends can manage.


duck and wheelThere’s the Duck and Wheel with String where Lin, my hobo buddy (inside joke), keeps us on the edge of our seats waiting to see what’s happening at the frog pond palace or with her children who have left the nest. Her writing is poetic, thoughtful and a swirl of magic words that draw you in and keep you engaged and wanted to more. There’s always a chuckle to be had and some surprising laugh-out-loud moments. Accompanying each post is a photo and 99 percent of the time it’s not just any ole picture, but an artfully chosen snapshot that can stand on its own. With her sense of humor and kind spirit she’s a powerhouse of friendship that’ll always have your back.

melissa frugal creativityAhhh, sweet Melissa at Frugal Creativity. Her blog content portrays an honest, spiritual side of this gentle person who sometimes shares her inner thoughts and battles. Regardless of what she is enduring she still shines with a grace and vulnerability that draws readers in. Maintaining her integrity and beliefs she shares to bless others and encourage herself. Melissa is the girlfriend in my virtual group who you’ll want to have over for tea and scones for a one-on-one chat about the deep valleys of life. She’s a great listener who understands without judgment, and her spirit will encourage you. She’s the girlfriend you just have to know.

petronelaAlthough I haven’t visited in awhile I always think of my girl Petronela of Why I Wake Everyday. In the brief time I’ve “known” her she has gone from chrysalis to fairy-winged butterfly … that’s just, if you will, a blogger to published author. Her debut work, not-quite-novella Lost in the Seven Worlds proves she is a writer to be reckoned with. And, to this day, I’m waiting for the sequel… something more of this fascinating story that pulled me in and wrapped around me. Her blog is mystical, her photos magical, her books must-reads and  the glimpse into her world is memorable.

Please visit these ladies and tell them I sent you over.


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