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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Are we serious about writing?

I’ve posed that question to myself recently. And, if you’re like me you’ve also asked yourself, “Do I have what it takes to be an author?” My first piece of advice to you is: Start writing your novel and find out.

In my utmost superior voice, I am able to say that because I have started my novel. In fact, I am more than halfway complete with 35,000 plus words. This novel has merged from my original thought of lost love, hurt and relationship mayhem to mystery and murder with a dash of love and sex thrown, uh, weaved in. What has made me more serious about it lately is the looming multiple myeloma that’s plaguing me and, most recently, its dominion over my nice, beautiful plasma cells.

You know how it is, something happens in life that makes you wish you had done x, y, and z, right? If I don’t finish this book and get it published and continue to write more novels while whipping out my children’s books (more on that another time), I can not say, “Oh I wish I had…” if something permanent were to happen to me as a result of the dumb myeloma cells. Get my drift?

This post is not going to include tips on how to get serious or berate you for not starting your book, but I am going to pose another question?

If writing and publishing a book has been a dream of yours, how are you going to feel if you never complete that dream? A dream that you control?

I have started quite a few novels, but I think I’m on a roll with the current one (it’s still untitled). Most recently, I’ve noticed various ways to keep my nose in the midst of writing my book even when my fingers aren’t touching the keyboard. The research and studying I’m doing has helped me immensely.

One of the ways to stay wrapped up in writing is to attend conferences, workshop and the like. There was one that breezed through my in box at the end of last month and I do hope that I’m able to attend. If your writing falls under thriller, mystery and crime then this should interest you as well.

It’s the 9th Annual Killer Nashville® International Thriller, Mystery and Crime Literature Writers’ Conference. Click the below banner from the conference site to view all the information.

killer nashville pic

I can just imagine the hum of creativity that will be in the air and being okay – health wise – to attend will turn out as one of the best things to happen to me this year. Honestly, I’ve not attending a writing conference of this magnitude and reputation, which would make going a significant treat.

Now the possibility of going has made me want to knock out my novel in time for the conference and be discovered as the next breakout author. Are you with me; doesn’t it make you feel that way?

Take a moment before you click away to leave me a comment or two. Tell me how you’re serious about you’re writing and if you’ve ever been to a writing conference. For this instance, blogging conferences do “count” as long as you spent time on content writing. 

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