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Friday, May 2, 2014

Month of May is underway

CAM00084It’s pretty astounding that May is already here. April zoomed by in a whirlwind of daily life and it seems as if I missed some of it. Surely I wasn’t awake the entire time – it isn’t possible, is it?

Each month brings a new set of goals, to-do lists, children’s activities and appointments as well as everything that’s going on within our families. To top it off there are end of school events, scheduling kids’ summer activities and family vacation preparations. in the midst of doing all of that some of us will pause to participate in monthly observances.

That said, let’s see what May has going on:

1116_ftd_flowersIn the Veteran’s world (Have I mentioned I’m a veteran? Yup, I was in the Air Force), they’re observing Better Hearing & Speech, High Blood Pressure and Osteoporosis.

If you want more info about those topics you can visit, and, respectively. May is also Mental Health Awareness Month and National Bike Month.

I can’t leave out some of the daily celebrations:

MAY 2014
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
May Day
Sibling Appreciation Day
Kite Day
4 5
Cinco de Mayo
No Homework Day
7 8 9
Peter Pan Day
Mother’s Day
12 13
Tulip Day
Stars & Stripes Forever Day
International Day of Families
Biographers Day
Armed Forces Day
Bats Day
19 20
Flower Day
21 22 23
World Turtle Day
Scavenger Hunt Day
25 26
Memorial Day
Morse Code Day
28 29
Ancestor Honor Day
30 31

Here are a few I’ve never heard of, have you?

Creative Beginnings Month
National Photo Month
National Military Appreciation Month
National Inventors Month
National Family Month
Young Achievers of Tomorrow Month

bookshelf loveWe can’t forget weekly observations like National Family Reading Week and National Computer Education Week, both are May 5-11; Children’s Book Week, May 13-19; and Wildflower Week, May 8-14. There are many others to consider this month; check out the rest at on the Special Days and Observances in May page.

Do you plan on celebrating, supporting or participating in any activities having to do with these May observances? If so, please take a moment to share in the comments section. Also, if you celebrate or observe a cause or holiday during the month of May that isn’t mentioned here, please also share that in the comments section below. Thanks and enjoy May.

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