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Monday, May 26, 2014

End the school year with a bang

Amareah is bashful & beautiful
My little man Andre
Anna shows off her certificates
Modeling her medal.

While I get pleasure from sharing my parenting ups and downs or picking fun about something my children have done, this time it's just about how great they are. I have high expectations of my children when it comes to education and this year, as in years' past, they did not disappoint.

Final report cards
Amareah made A/B honor roll, and earned the music and arts awards. Andre also made A/B honor roll, earned a citizenship award and had perfect attendance. The baby, Anna, made the Principals Honor Roll because she made straight E's for the entire school year and earned the citizenship award.

Award ceremonies
Attending three separate ceremonies was a little tiring, but definitely worth it. I can't decide whether the best part was the euphoric feeling of pride or the utter joy on their little faces when they saw I was in attendance.

After all the hard work we have done during the year it's refreshing to end with a bang.

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