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Sunday, April 20, 2014

5 Mother’s Day gift ideas for the single mom

America is full of unsung heroes – at least 10.3 million of them, in fact. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, that was the number of single mothers living with children under 18 in 2012. These strong women have a significant role in shaping the nation’s future as they guide nearly 18 million American children through childhood and adolescence, according to

This Mothers' Day, if you know a single mom who deserves a shout out for the great job she's doing, consider using one of these ideas to show her how special she really is.

Give her a break

For any parent, single mothers especially, life requires us to navigate through a whirlwind of obligations and demands. Finding time to enjoy a favorite activity, read a book or just sit quietly and think can seem impossible.

If appropriate, offer to watch her children for the evening. If that seems awkward, find a trusted babysitter from a site like and offer to pay for the services. Then, send her out on the town. Encourage her to get together with friends, hit her favorite shops to find bargains or find a table in a quiet café and crack open a long-neglected novel. While you’re at it, why not offer to pick up the dinner tab too?

Mother and sonNotice what she does well

Send her a Mothers’ Day card – with a twist. Before you sign the card and seal it in an envelope, take a moment to write a personalized note to her. Let her know you see the difference she’s making and give specific examples of how she’s making her children’s lives better.

You still can’t go wrong with flowers

Flowers are a traditional gift for a reason. A carefully chosen, gorgeous bouquet can bring untold brightness and feelings of appreciation to any day. If selecting the perfect batch of flowers seems intimidating, don’t worry; just go online and search for Mother's Day flowers from a company like While you're at it, why not treat her to a chocolate assortment as well?

Surprise her with a meal

Certainly you can take her and her kids out to eat on Mother's Day, but inviting the family to your house to dine or surprising them by making a Martha Stewart homemade meal can make a traditional gift seem even more special. We think the spinach and gruyere quiche looks especially delicious.

Offer your gifts and talents

For single mothers, time is a precious commodity. Between homework help, demands from the office, taking care of a household and other responsibilities, there are bound to be projects she must put on the back burner. If she’s mentioned one of those to you, give her the gift of taking care of that nagging job. Fix a leaky faucet, offer to tutor her children, tend to her garden, clean her living room... the opportunities to help out a single mom are endless.


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