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Monday, March 3, 2014

Let's take a break

Right now my health is a full-time job. A job that is very important... Eccential, in fact. And, weirdly, like with any job I'm getting really tired of it and need a break.

Of course that's not how this works. Although I've reached a speed bump, there is no time to slow down... Sharp curves and hidden turns have exposed themselves, but that doesn't mean a thing. The break comes when the cancer is obliterated.

Here are some of the speedbumps that are bothering me right now:
1. Most weeks I have a minimum of two days that I have to be at the VA hospital. And some of those days there are more than one appointment.
2. The random stomach aches, bloating and constant swelling of fingers and ankles have put a link into my mobility.
3. This is the worse one thus far: I had a horrible reaction to a med I was taking to get rid of numbness, tingling and pain in hand and forearms. It caused my eyelids to swell and become extremely painful and red. Poor, sad eye.

The ironic thing is the med was actually working and I was going to increase the dose to recommended amount when something told me to check side effects. That's how I learned it effects the eyes. It wasn't a difficult decision to make to stop taking it.

Now the question is do I want to try another med for the hand and arm symptoms that are a result of the chemo? We'll see. If I do, I will definitely check side effects first.

As far as that break goes, I'll just have to wait. I'll have a pause "soon" midway through my treatment and plasma transplant... For now I will continue to take one day at a time while being happy I'm still here amongst the living.

Whether you're dealing with a health issue or one of the many other things that put bumps in your path: How do you handle those instances when you just want to take a break but can't? Please share in the comments.

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