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Sunday, February 2, 2014

February is National Children’s Dental Health Month

It’s hard to believe we’re almost two weeks into February already, and there is a lot going on this month. We know it’s the love month and Black History Month, but did you know it’s also National Children’s Dental Health Month?

2014-01-17 15.58.47We, as parents and caregivers, do our very best to take care of our children. Everyone from the seasoned parent or grandparent to the new parents or part-time care. In honor of National Children’s Dental Health Month, which is sponsored by the American Dental Association, we’re going to brush up on our kids’ dental health.

Here are five quick tips to maintaining those tiny pearly whites:

  1. Begin brushing and caring for little teeth and gums early. The ADA recommends beginning at 4 months old.
  2. Take your child to the dentist around/on their first birthday. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry urges parents to take children for a quick checkup when the first tooth appears. Make a call to your dentist to verify their policies.
  3. As your child gets older purchase different tools to assist your child in enjoying and keeping up their dental health. A timer for them to brush for the recommended time and a toothbrush with a familiar character they like.
  4. In doing research on this article I came across Mouth Monsters at They have a cute Mouth Monster Defense Kit with charts, Monster “Wanted” posters and certificates to encourage your child. It’s a fun way to keep up with an important daily task.
  5. Let your children see you brush. Take little ones with you to the bathroom when you brush your teeth – they love to imitate the actions. For toddlers and older children, you can brush your teeth together.

Mouth Monsters   Mouth Monsters   My Childrens Teeth

It is important to start helping your children develop good habits and get a head-start on a lifetime of dental health. Even before you see the first little tooth appear it is recommended to cleanse baby’s gums. When properly done, you’ll remove sugars and bacteria from the teeth and gums to avoid future decay.

Baby BuddyTwo products recommended by Baby Buddies for babies beginning as a early as 4 months old: There’s Baby’s First Toothbrush, a cleaning method allowing babies to clean their teeth and gums on their own. Another good product is the Silicon Finger Toothbrush. I used a similar finger toothbrush when my oldest daughter was a baby. It’s simply a soft silicon sleeve-like product that you slip on your finger to cleanse baby’s gums. There is also a textured side for massaging their gums.


Baby Buddies products are made of 100 percent FDA Approved Food Grade Silicone, and are packaged in USA. They’re also BPA, Lead & Phthalate free.

National Children’s Dental Health Month is in place to raise your awareness about the important of oral health. It also reminds us to pay keen attention to the issue year round.


Weigh in…

Some children don’t like us fooling with their mouths. Do you have any tricks you use to get this important task done? If so, share them in the comments section below.

Last month, I missed National Hot Tea Month (Yes, I drink tea too despite my addiction to coffee.), but still managed to celebrate it since I’m a regular tea drinker. Are there any observations you regularly follow?

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