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Monday, February 24, 2014

4 ideal jobs for stay-at-home moms

According to Global Workplace Analytics and The Telework Research Network, the number of people who worked at home worldwide (non-self employed and self-employed combined) grew by almost 30 percent from 2005 to 2012. However, by eliminating the self-employed home-based workers, this workforce grew nearly 80 percent. In 2010, 13.4 million of 142 million workers in the United States had at-home jobs. According to the United States Census Bureau, the fastest growing home based positions include science, computer and engineering positions. You do not have to choose between being a stay at home mom and being an active member of the workforce. Today, there are numerous home-based positions available or at-home businesses you can start with a relatively small amount of capital.

Businesswoman and baby.Flexibility is the #1 reason moms choose to work from home

Ellen Parlapiano is the co-founder of She states that more than 90 percent of the moms who were interviewed said the desire for flexibility is the main reason they chose to work from home. Parlapiano also states that mom-owned businesses used to be heavy on crafts and arts, but are now gearing toward the professional gamut, including social media coaching, marketing and the web, according to You can find numerous jobs for at home moms at sites like Flexjobs.

1. Manage a Blog

Moms who manage blogs share tips about parenting, home schooling, adoption, recipes and more. Jen Singer created the mammasaid blog and she says her blog averages 90,000 views monthly. Singer states that she has not earned an enormous amount of money from the blog by itself, but it has given her the opportunity for book deals, endorsement offers and speaking engagements.

Jennifer James founded Mombloggersclub and has a community of 10,000. She states that mom bloggers represent the authentic voices of other moms, which is why they are extremely influential. Brands court moms who manage popular blogs. These brands want their products reviewed. Some of these mom bloggers receive thousands of dollars worth of product every month.

2. Medical Coder and Biller

With the proper training, you can work from home for physicians and health care centers. As a medical coder and biller, you help health organizations and physicians receive payment from patients’ insurance companies for the services their clients’ receive. To be efficient at this position, you need to be good with numbers, detail oriented, and work well independently. When looking for a position, be sure to search other job titles including Medical Records Coder, Coding Specialist, Physician Auditor, Medical Biller, Coding Specialist, Record Retrieval Specialist and Biller/Clerical Specialist. If you do not have the education necessary to work in this field, consider looking into online courses available from schools like Penn Foster.

3. Vacation Planner

A growing industry in the telecommuting job world is the leisure and hospitality trade. Two of the largest growing areas in this industry are sales and customer service. As a vacation-planning counselor, you assist hospitality groups and hotels by helping their clients create a dream vacation. You can work from home because you complete everything via email or over the telephone. If you are self-motivated, achievement-oriented, and organized, this could be the position for you, as explains.

4. Plan Parties for Children

If you love planning parties, consider making this your at-home job. According to Terri Reynolds, who is the founder of Just Imagine Parties, she decided to start her business after planning her daughter’s birthday party. Reynolds offers hosted parties that last for two-hours. Her parties are themed and start at $600. Reynolds states that her yearly income is about $35,000. The start up costs for this business varies. Your investment depends on how high-end you want to go.

What’s your motivation for working from home? Or share why you choose to work outside of the home.

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