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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Beautiful surprises #gifts #love

This week has been very hectic. In addition to my injection (for my fight against multiple myeloma) on Tuesday, I had to return to the breast health center yesterday to get the results of a needle biopsy (all good here!). Tuesday evening was cub scouts, but before I could make it there my van started smoking. My mechanic made a house call and declared it unsafe to drive until repaired to the tune of about $500. Thankfully, I’m able to get the pipe, which is keeping me from driving it, fixed tomorrow and the other leak – discovered by me when I peered under the hood to investigate the smoke – can wait.

Those are just “regular” things, right? Add to that planning my daughter’s birthday party for next weekend and errands, which I now do when my daughter takes me to appointments, I’ve managed to exhaust myself even more. But two days ago when I sat down on the couch for a much needed break there was a small knock on the door. I was rather irritated that I had to jump right back up, but I’m so glad I didn’t act too ugly when opening the door.

2014-01-15 00.21.01Who was on the other side? The 10-year-old girl who is in my son’s class and who I also pick up every afternoon as well as the recent addition of after school tutoring (my daughter is in the same program). In her hands were a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a card.

I was so surprised I couldn’t speak at first. I just smiled a silly grin, “Those are for me?” (add high, upward pitch to end of sentence and drag out the e). Written on the envelope was “Thanks for taking such good care of me.”

2014-01-15 00.20.16-1You know my heart melted, right? As if that wasn’t enough to set my heart a-flutter, the card put me right over the edge, just short of tears.

Here I was trying to stay positive and not snap at my kids because of my extreme exhaustion and chronic pain, and this sweet child (some would say directed by God) brings me a card and flowers.

2014-01-15 00.19.24She had already returned home by the time I opened the card, but I had to call and tell her how much I appreciated the flowers and card, and she made my day. When I catch a glimpse of the flowers sitting on my counter I can only smile. It’s amazing how that gesture wrapped me in a warm, love-filled hug to let me know everything will be okay and people are appreciative of the little that I do for them.

Final lesson, for me, was the feeling of accomplishment I felt at not having acted untoward that day or in a manner unbecoming of who I am. Had I had bad behavior that day I would have felt unworthy of such a gift.


2014-01-15 00.21.49-1

2014-01-15 00.23.562014-01-15 00.21.492014-01-15 00.21.18

Thank you again, little friend, for making my day with beautiful flowers I adore and a card that touched my heart. Your gesture and your gifts mean so much to me.

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