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Saturday, October 5, 2013

NOVICA celebrates new site with a #giveaway - WINNER CHOSEN

CONGRATULATIONS VERA K.! Check your email. Happy Shopping!

It’s one thing to love to shop, but there is something surreally pleasurable – at least for me – about purchasing an item from a company where the proceeds, or a portion, will support a good cause. And, in the case of NOVICA, a company that helps nurture and elevate global artisans and their craft.

I hadn’t heard of NOVICA until I received an email from Blog Newswire with information on who to contact to participate in this blogging opportunity, which was to spread the word about and celebrate NOVICA’s new site by hosting a giveaway. I also get a chance to do a little shopping as I received a $25 gift code to review an artisans handiwork and in exchange for the review. That does not, however, have any bearing on my opinions, which are always honest and not influenced by any sources. Take a gander at my complete disclosure policy.

NOVICA has kindly offered one of you – my readers – the chance to win a $25 gift code to their site. I’ve been browsing the site for two days and still haven’t ordered anything because it’s so difficult to decide. NOVICA operates on the mantra “spread happiness,” and they’re spreading it to their artisans and customers.

Artisans all around the world are given fair prices for their wares, do not have to worry about binding contracts and have complete freedom to build sustainable businesses from making a success of their craft. Their success makes for happy customers who have access to unique, handmade products that are a great value and that bring them joy knowing they’re helping to nurture and grow global artisans’ crafts.
Now let me show you how many beautiful items are available at and you’ll see why I’m having such a hard time making a choice. However, I do think I’ve narrowed it down.

novica diamonds leather mirrorWith plenty of categories and subcategories it’s easy to browse the site. There are unique gifts like this Diamonds Leather Mirror, which is described on the site as “Centered with gilt, glowing diamonds of different sizes surround a handcrafted wall mirror. Manolo and Lucho work in tooled leather, bringing a modern vision to a traditional Andean craft form.” The artists for each item are featured with the product. This mirror was handcrafted by Manuel "Manolo" Morales Polar and Luis "Lucho" Donayre Ormeño.

A few of the other categories are men’s bracelets, Christmas ornaments, gifts for Mom and unique home décor – that’s just a few.
men's unique braided leather bracelet novica men's sterling silver chain bracelet
novica jewelry boxI really like the men's bracelets above. The one on the left is braided leather and the right is sterling silver chain bracelet. There are, of course, plenty of choices for gifts for mom. If someone wanted to give this mom – namely ME – a gift then a jewelry box and a purse are on my NOVICA to-buy list.

The purse is probably going to win because I love this one. It’s a handcrafted cotton shoulder bag called Akha Dreams and it was made by an artisan in Thailand.

novica handcrafted cotton sling bag
Now it’s time for you to decide what you want to buy when you win the $25 gift code from
Good luck.

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Friday, October 4, 2013

Buy the perfect #gift for the women in your life

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Mont Bleu for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Most of us who don’t shop for Christmas gifts in July are amazed that it is already time to choose presents for the people we love and care about. Throughout the year we give gifts for other occasions – Valentine’s Day, birthdays and sometimes even Easter and Halloween – and there are tried and true gift choices for women that are perfect for any occasion.

What are those choices? First start with a gift that means something to the recipient or something that represents the relationship the two of you have. For instance, a book of poetry signed by the author, a framed photo of a memorable occasion, an item you overheard her talking about or her favorite candy, drink, cake, delicacy that is hard to come by. Add to that a scented candle, piece of jewelry, perfume, luxurious body cream or a practical accessory, and you have a winner of a gift.

As far as accessories there are a lot of choices: a colorful scarf or belt, new sneakers and matching socks, hair bows, hair bands, flowers, head wraps, silver bangles, knuckle and stackable rings, leather wallets, makeup bags, compact mirrors, mini makeup brushes… get the idea?

Take those classic items and look out for the blinged out versions. Don’t forget, girls like their sparkle. A good place to start is with compact mirrors especially the ones we’ve learned about that are decorated in Europe where they are covered in the crystals Swarovski® Elements. All of that is done by Mont Bleu where the mirrors are decorated by hand.

compact mirror

A lot of women still carry compact mirrors in their purse, but the advent of all things technological has caused some to sway from things. For instance, there are Android mirror apps. There are ladies everywhere who regret replacing their compact mirror, older women whose handy mirrors have been lost or broken and young girls who realize how having a compact mirror makes them feel very ladylike.

If you are ready to purchase that beautiful little gift then use this code SCM13 to get a 30% discount in our E-shop on all compact mirrors. Take a peek at Our Pinterest page as well.

compact mirror

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Thursday, October 3, 2013

When to put the grumpy one to bed

As parents we know that our young children present different personalities or actions when they’re tired. A lot of the time when they are being naughty or a little grumpy we know what to do: make them take a nap.

2013-04-23 11.01.21For the last month or more, every single afternoon I get a bad attitude. The day before last I told my middle daughter that I was being a sourpuss. Instead of reprimanding my children because they have been getting on my nerves, I lay down and take a nap because I’m the grumpy one.

I just survived a few weeks of sickness and normally I would blame it on that, but even before then (and my constant sleeping) I needed to take an afternoon nap.

I’m bad as a little child. Too grumpy when I’m tired and have to be forced to take a nap. SMH.

So just like when your child is acting up when tired you have to monitor yourself and when your attitude changes be sure to take a nap.


Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Atlantans find cheap car insurance

Disclosure: This is a sponsored, compensated post. The link included will direct you to a site that provides auto insurance quotes. More information can be found in my complete disclosure policy.

It’s safe to say that a lot of us are regularly looking for the best deals on products and services we use on a regular basis. Car insurance is one of those things that are consistently looked into, which is one of the reasons insurance companies heavily advertise through television commercials.

Recently, I changed my car insurance – again. A company I previously had coverage with called to woo me back and offered an excellent deal for my coverage along with roadside assistance and renters insurance. As car insurance is a requirement of the law and an excellent safety net in case of an automotive accident, consumers still want the best prices. With the roadside assistance and renters insurance that is a “better safe than sorry” decision.

Regardless of what company you choose as your car insurance provider you will want to ensure you are getting a great deal and there are sites that help compare cheap car insurance Atlanta GA. It is a good idea to compare because some companies may offer multi-policy discounts, have a safe driver program or provide certain credits and incentives.

Whether you need full coverage or only liability you can possibly save up to 80 percent by finding the cheapest available. Do not wait until the last minute or let your insurance lapse because you can’t afford it. Click on the link to find the right insurance for you at the price that best suits your budget.

When I switched my car insurance on my minivan I saved about $60 each month. It doesn’t seem like that much, but having the $60 in my pocket for other essentials and still getting quality (and cheap!) insurance is a plus.
Check for your quote today.


Monday, September 30, 2013

Good-bye September…

Goodbye and good riddance to September 2013. September is actually my favorite month – it’s my birth month, but this year I spent most of the days sick. A little more than three weeks.

The beginning of the school year had already thrown me for a loop because I prefer the laid-back life of summertime. When I first became sick I didn’t really think much of it since my health can be somewhat shaky (take a peek at my most recent health-related posts), but when the week passed and I began to get worse as well as develop new symptoms I started to feel a little bleak.

Crying face

In addition to whatever was going on I found out I had developed bronchitis. Everyone attributes it to the weather, but I know as one with a weakened immune system it was more than likely some little cooties that my darling granddaughter obtained from her daycare playmates, which she passed to her mommy and they passed to me. Then there are the three little germ carries I live with. Although they haven’t been sick they are around other little germ carriers all day long.

RainbowFast forward to late Wednesday to Thursday of last week: When I arose I was hesitant to say I was feeling better, but I can confidentially say – after five days of moving around, no chills, no night sweats, no “I can’t stay awake” naps – I am finally feeling better.

Here’s to even better, and WELL, days ahead: Hello October!Sun

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