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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Win 1 of 5 Skin1 $50 gift codes #giveaway

This post contains sponsor links. I received the same full-sized product to facilitate the review and a coupon code to purchase additional products. All opinions expressed are my own regardless of sponsor. Check my disclosure policy for complete information.

If you had a chance to view my first vlog then you know I promised to host a giveaway. (If you haven’t I posted a link to the video below.) Thanks to Skin1 I had the opportunity to review their Refreshing Toning Lotion and five people will have a chance to win coupon codes for the same product.

Guinot Lait Hydra Fraicheur / Refreshing Cleansing Milk - 6.7 oz
I’ve been using the toning lotion for about two weeks and I really like it. It’s the consistency of an astringent, but there is no tingling or burning sensation. I use it after cleansing (with another brand name product), but Skin1 experts recommend the product be used after their Refreshing Cleansing Milk. The toner is alcohol free and is able to cleanse and refresh the skin. I can attest that it does just as it says. Even after I’ve used my facial cleanser the toner still removes and residue still on the skin – it’s like extra insurance for a clean face.

The product, which is suitable for all skin types, contains rose water to tone and refresh, urea to moisturize the skin, corn oil to sooth and soften the skin and vitamin B5, which also moisturizes, soothes and prevents feeling of tightness. There are a few other ingredients as well.

Both my mother and oldest daughter have sensitive skin, but I would definitely recommend it to them. Just as I’m recommending it to you. Enter this giveaway to win your own full-sized bottle of Guinot Lotion Hydra Fraichuer (Refreshing Toning Lotion).

Guinot  was founded in 1963 in Paris and has always been committed to taking a scientific approach to luxurious and result-oriented skincare treatments. The brand offers formulas that target hyperpigmentation, aging, dehydration and sensitivity.


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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Put it in writing

When my oldest daughter was a youngster, and even every once in awhile now, I wrote her letters and notes or bought her a card to tell her something wonderful about herself, how much I love her and/or just to say ‘hello, you’re special.’ I did this a lot of the time when she was away visiting family and sometimes when the mood hit.

CAM01046Over the weekend, I was putting some things in my “I <3 It’ book when my actions of taping, pasting, coloring, writing and sticking caused me to think of my middle daughter Amareah. Suddenly it dawned on me that her addiction to journals, notebooks, pretty paper and holding on to little things that seem meaningless to others is exactly the same addiction I have. So I wrote her a letter to express how delightful it was to find out that we have that one thing in common and that she got it from me. I also told her how much I am going to enjoy sharing that hobby with her and other things we’re both interested in as well as the things we don’t necessarily have in common.

That one letter reminded me of the letters I wrote for my oldest daughter Amber and that there are many other ways to express how much my children mean to me. Having more than one at once sometimes makes it difficult to focus on their individuality, gifts and interests, but with a little sincere thought and heart I can always let them know that I’m interested in them… and so totally in love.

(Both pictures are of Amareah, one of my mini-mes.)

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Back to school already? You’re kidding.


I think I say that every year. So why am I so surprised each and every year when school is about to start only two weeks into August? It seems like summer just started and I didn’t get a chance to do everything with the kids that I wanted to do.

I need to just stop it. Get used to it already.

DSCF4553Buuuuttt (insert whine), there are still projects to do, parks to explore, trails to follow, crafts to make, trips to take and a whole lot of sleeping in for me. I love the relaxed scheduled especially as someone who suffers from some health issues that can cause quite a bit of pain and exhaustion.DSCF4582

But. Here.We.Are. … Again.

Schedules will start to conflict with appointments and our tired bodies will be pushed to go to Cub Scouts, Dance and/or Soccer on some evenings. There will be PTA meetings, parent/teach conferences, performances, ceremonies – don’t forget to times it all by three.


The only good things about the school year are watching the children learn more, having steady structured days and getting closer and closer to the day when they’ll pack their suitcases, haul them into their own cars and ride off into the sunset.

CAM01187Oh, I’m sure I’ll miss them – sometimes – but by the time the last one is ready to leave home I’ll be in my late 50s. Sounds like the perfect time to spend a little endless quiet time. Well, at least until the holidays when they all come clamoring back.

What do ya think? Change the locks? Naw, I’ll wrap them in my arms, listen to all of their escapades and find out about things they know they shouldn’t have done. By then my granddaughter will be a preteen and I’ll be hushing them to keep her little brain from absorbing too much.

Then when they start to complain and whine about having to go back to school so soon I’ll just smile, pack them some goodies, usher them to the door and say, “Awww what a shame.” All while I’m giggling and thinking about what I’ll do when the house gets quiet again.


Sunday, July 28, 2013

My first vlog & introducing Guinot Refreshing Toning Lotion {product review}

Here is my first video post. I'm still figuring out the editing and whatnot so I hope to get better at vlogging, but I think it's a good start. What do you think?
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