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Friday, May 17, 2013

Get boat supplies from a leading source

Some schools have already released students for the summer and others have about a week to go. For some family that’s the cue for packing up the camper, car or van and making their way to their favorite ocean or lake to swim, lounge and enjoy boating along with other water-based activities.

For some it’s not easy just to get up and go because you have to purchase or repair gear and ensure they’re road ready. The same goes for any boating supplies they made need. That’s where comes in. They are the leading source for boat supplies including fans, covers, coolers, portable gas cans, stabilizers, hinges, paint, propellers, navigational items, hardware, plumbing and a myriad of other necessary products.

machine boat warehouse logoMarine Boat Warehouse is a company that has specialized in marine parts and accessories for more than 50 years. They’re headed by a marine team of boaters with expertise in manufacturing, marine service and marine sales and are proud to have their wares available at their virtual store where they’re waiting for you to make a purchase.

If any help is needed they are anxious to provide the help with anything from boating, fishing, accessories and wake-boarding, and they’re ready to welcome you to their boating family.


Thursday, May 16, 2013

Introducing Fysiko Eyelash Growth Serum {product review}

To please FTC I’m letting you know I received product to test and facilitate this review. No compensation was received.This post may contain advertisement or affiliate links.

I’m not one of those ladies who has to have makeup on  or my eyebrows perfectly shaped all the time because I normally prefer to be an all natural woman. There is, however, one part of my face that I wish was more enhanced. I would love to have long lashes without falsies or mascara – long and lush would be even better.

I know it’s possible ‘cause I’ve seen other ladies with glorious lashes and even some men whose eyes are framed with beautiful, little fans of hair. My eyes go all doe-like as I stare at their eyes – mostly likely looking a little stalker like. That’s why when I learned about Fysiko Eyelash Growth Serum from Influenster I readily signed up to test it.

2013-05-08 00.39.59It’s easy to apply – just stroke it along your lash line like you would eyeliner and wait for about 15 minutes before applying any makeup. It’s that simple. I set my alarm to remind me to apply it daily and I’m closely watching for any changes. Over the next couple of months I’ll update you on the progress.

Here are my before pictures (ignore the eyebrows and the dark circles). These were taken before I started using the serum.



2013-05-08 00.41.592013-05-08 00.42.38









With Fysiko, I’m hoping to take my lashes to the next level and I’ll be able to see how it compares to Neulash, a product I reviewed some time ago.

got it from influensterDisclosure: I received this product complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes. Any  opinions expressed here are my own and are not influenced by anyone. For more information review my complete policy.


Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Have Pradaxa side effects? Seek legal counsel

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One of the things we have to be aware of when taking any medication is the possible side effects. If you are taking Pradaxa (or dabigatran), a blood thinner prescribed for atrial fibrillation, you should be aware that it has been linked with serious health risks including bleeding in the brain, kidneys or intestines.

The following are common side effects: difficulty breathing, wheezing, dizziness, chest pain or tightness, face or tongue swelling, and painful or upset stomach and indigestion. There may also be an increased risk of heart attacks.

Although experts have warned of the drug’s safety and a federal court ruled those affected can file claims, the FDA has not issued a pradaxa recall. Thousands of people have already suffered internal bleeding while taking this medication and it is feared even more will suffer.

Seek legal counsel if you have be affected by pradaxa side effects.


A poet’s verses in “The Way of the Scarecrow” {book review}

According to the FTC I have to let you know at the beginning of a post that there are links or advertisements. They think you won’t understand if the disclosure is just at the end.

an except from the poem
In Black and White

She came to me in my dreams in black and white
Like a whisper upon the win
Ever so quiet, Ever so soft
But so real that I felt her upon my skin
The touch of her fingertips caressing my eyelids
Her touch likened to Angel’s wings
So gentle…

That is an excerpt from a poem that Patrick M. Bishop includes in his book “The Way of the Scarecrow: A Collection of Poems from the Heart,” which was published in February. It’s one of my favorites in the book and one where his words seem to surround me. I can relate to them. I guess that’s the pull of Patrick’s poetry: It’s like a seductive embrace of words that speak to you while they touch your heart, your spirit and your very essence.

It’s the way a good portion of his words make me feel. Like in the poem “Where are you?” or the words of “No More” that seems to be a deep expression of frustration for women who allow the wolves to devour them and their beauty.

Funny thing is, I seldom read more than five poems in a book of poetry, but with Patrick’s “The Way of the Scarecrow” one poem makes me want another. Like in “A Woman” where I hear a revelations about him… or at least that’s what I see. For me his poetry is like an abstract painting that seems to shift  as you gaze upon it – allowing for the viewer’s – or in this case – the reader’s interpretation.

Where does it come from? Patrick says he’s been writing for as long as he can remember. When he was a senior in high school he wrote songs, one-act and screen plays as well as short stories. After high school he delved into poetry some more and was motivated by friends and family, teachers and counselors to consider sharing his poetry through publishing. From there his travels and experiences inspired him to write on a daily basis, venture deep within himself and allow the poetry to spring forth.

“I love writing,” he says, “and I can’t imagine a day without poetry… Poetry is life and it connects us all through the marriage of words. It touches us with it's fingertips like music or beauty and we carry it with us for the rest of our lives.”

Even if you’re impartial to poetry you’ll want to thoroughly read, study and absorb at least one poem. Find one that speaks to you, and once you do you’ll keep searching for another. “I write knowing that if I feel the poetry, I am not alone, someone else will feel it as well … [feel] the emotions that it entails,” says Patrick who lives in Athens, Georgia.

My one complaint is the layout and spacing of the poems, other than that I would recommend you follow “The Way of the Scarecrow.”

Your own copy is just a click away:

Disclosure: I purchased this book and decided to share it with you. This post contains affiliate ads. Any  opinions expressed here are my own and are not influenced by anyone. For more information review my complete policy.


Monday, May 13, 2013

Being the perfect mother #moreclassywriting

Happy Belated Mother’s Day to all of my blogging and virtual friends. I hope your day was filled with love, joy and relaxation.

Yesterday was an interesting Mother’s Day for me:

  1. My daughter celebrated her first Mother’s Day.
  2. This is also the first Mother’s Day I’m a grandmother.
  3. Each of my three younger children acknowledged me on their own.
  4. It was an awesomely unique day and an extremely normal day.

2012-10-26 00.44.16My daughter Amber is almost 22 years old, about the same age I was when I had her, and she has been a mommy for eight months. At this time, 21 years ago, she was 10 months old. It’s a nice, strange and almost surreal experience to wish my daughter Happy Mother’s Day.

2013-04-24 10.40.13In the past, Amber’s mothers’ days were centered around me. She was normally able to purchase a gift, fix meals for me and orchestrate the children on what they should do or say. This year, she’s running her own household with her own child and significant other. I’m so proud of her as a mommy and as a daughter. She continues to be a joyful, light in my life and she has blessed me with a beautiful, bundle of busyness. My granddaughter Autumn who has the bright smile and sparkling eyes of her mother.

2013-04-24 11.16.21Regardless of who I am, how I act or what I do Autumn’s beautiful eyes still gaze upon me with love, her perfect little lips still curl in a smile sometimes revealing the dimple in her left cheek – a dimple that is nearly identical to the ones her Mommy and her grandfather, Amber’s dad, have in their left cheeks.

2013-04-05 18.04.58Along with that outpouring of love, my other children – Andre, Amareah and Anna – each bought me gifts from Mother’s Day sales at their schools. This is the first time they have all wanted to do something for me on their own and they used their own money. Anna was especially excited because was her first time doing everything on her own: shopping, choosing and paying. CAM00054

She was so excited she couldn’t wait to give me my gifts when she purchased them last Tuesday. I wrote about it in a previous post please click “gifts” to see pictures. My son gave me a silver-colored necklace with a large heart, it also came with earrings but my ears aren’t pierced so… {giggling}, he said, “I didn’t realize it had earrings with it.” So typical for a boy, but I love it anyway.  Amareah gave me a charm bracelet with red and orangey roses and trinkets, and she also purchased the prettiest card. 2013-05-02 18.30.56Both she and Anna made flowers using tissue paper and colored pipe cleaner, and Anna made a card and two drawings.

Throughout the day, the girls picked flowers for me and they all tried to be on their best behavior. Every action, every smile and every gesture my children performed yesterday made me feel like the most perfect mother in their world.


Writing Prompts #moreclassywriting

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