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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Self-portrait poetry challenge

Years ago – 2001 – I received a large black journal as a gift. The reason: A writer needs something to write in, right? And as a journal addict I didn’t refuse. That journal has had many purposes, I started writing poetry, book and story ideas then to-do lists and now it’s sorta a regular journal. It’s a place where I tape beautiful photos, handmade keepsakes from my kids, travel articles and those I need to read and remember improve myself, random writings and more.

Today I’m adding a couple of words that were on some mail I received, but before I could get to that I had to browse the pages. I came across the self-portrait poem formula someone had told me about in 2007 and the poem I wrote as a result then, of course, I wanted to share it with you.

After you read my poem you’ll find the formula to make your own:

About Petula
A self-portrait poem

The seeker is who my mom named me to be
White, black and Indian all make up my ancestry
Hailing from near the Mason Dixon line
Spawn of a clan meshed by time
Light and what some call tall, a thick girl with a down-to-earth drawl
Creative, inventor, inspired writer, editor extraordinaire
Lover of all things natural – herbs, nails and, of course, hair
Strong willed, confident and believer of truth
Lonely at times with just the companions under my roof
Caribbean travel, road trips and hikes are a must
But most definitely avoids the bus
Praying for published novels and books
With an invention hanging on my belt hooks
Finding my place with joy and love, seeking everything as well as my God above.

© Petula Wright 2007

Now it’s your turn. Even if you’re not a writer, per se, or a poet simply give it a try. Your poem doesn’t have to rhyme or fit a specific format. All you have to do is follow the formula in the order given.

The self-portrait poem formula

    1. your name
    2. your ancestry
    3. your birthplace
    4. your family
    5. your physical self
    6. talents, gifts, abilities
    7. likes and dislikes
    8. your opinions
    9. your friends
    10. adventures you’ve been on
    11. visions and dreams
    12. address your name again

Now that you’ve finished your creation, post it on your blog (please!) then  add your link below to share it with others. Come back often and visit everyone who participates. It’s a mini blog hop with a challenge. (If you don’t have a blog post the poem in the comments.)

Have fun.


Monday, April 15, 2013

Use Shutters To Protect Your Home, Valuables And Loved Ones

Three weeks ago a hail storm suddenly hit the southern state and city where I live. At first, the popping and banging noises were faint, unrecognizable, and then abruptly the sky opened as thousands of egg-sized balls of ice hit all at once. The damage caused dents in hoods, shattered windows on both our cars, and homes were damaged as well as trees knocked over as a result of the fierce winds and persistent rains. Since then there have been reports of pending storms and hurricanes, so people are making advance preparations in an effort to protect themselves and their homes from the onslaught.

Some are choosing hurricane shutters while others have decided on storm shutters or security alternatives. The addition of these shutters makes protecting windows easier. According to Alutech United, instead of relying on plywood that has to be repeatedly installed, shutters offer added security with extra benefits, and there is an extremely low probability that they will have to be replaced after a storm. As mentioned, there are also choices of security shutters. In addition to protecting homes from storms, these shutters assist in deterring burglars and conserving energy. They provide a solid barrier between loved ones and the valuables within their homes from anyone outside the home attempting to get in or cause damage.

That barrier also acts as a shade and keeps the internal temperature from getting too high or falling too low. It is definitely something plywood cannot do. In order to find out more information on how to protect your home, valuables and loved ones, visit the site. In addition to finding information about storm and hurricane shutters, the site has information about security grill designs, roller shutters as well as how their products will reduce noise reduction, increase privacy and offer sun protection. Instead of putting a continual strain on your budget every time a storm approaches, consider a one-time investment in shutters. They will save you money, time and resources!


Sunday, April 14, 2013

Build & Grow with Lowe’s

Yesterday was the second time my children participated in a Build & Grow workshop at the local Lowe’s, which happens to be right across the street from where we live. Last time, when I was able to take all three children, they built little gingerbread houses with a one-sided hinged roof to hide little goodies. The wooden house, which was fairly easy to build, was adorned with colorful stickers. Yesterday I had my two young girls with me, ages 8 and almost 6, and they put together planters.

anna and amareah @ lowe'sThe planters were really easy to assemble and I only had to help them hold it in place while they hammered or something else small. I was pleasantly surprised and proud that my youngest daughter Anna was able to hammer on her own with precision and strength. I commented on how noticeably stronger she was compared to last time and she agreed.

Once the planters were finished, we bought flower seeds and a flowering plant for Anna as well as a Venus Flytrap for their brother since the young ladies hosting us were nice enough to let us have his. (You have to register in advance online. I’d registered the three of them.)

If you haven’t taken your children to a Build & Grow workshop, you should check it out. The children receive aprons, badges for each project completed and certificates.

Disclosure: This is not a paid or sponsored post, but feel free to review my disclosure policy if you like.


Kitchen organization: Use in-drawer knife block

Nowadays counter space is premium real estate. There are the regularly used small appliances including the coffeemaker, toaster and blender then there are the items you want to keep at-the-ready, but not necessarily on display. Sometimes putting those items in a drawer does not work because they are difficult to organize or because there are safety concerns. Such can be the case with cutlery, especially knives. I actually have this exact problem. knifedockI inherited a extensive set of knives from my grandmother who was a fabulous cook, but I do not like the idea of a knife block on my counter for a couple of reasons: 1) I think they're unattractive, and, 2) I don't think it's a good idea to have knives visible like that with young children in the home. This is where KnifeDock comes in.  The KnifeDock in-drawer knife block is an all-inclusive storage solution that is placed inside of a drawer where it can accommodate a variety of knife sizes. It is part of the company's patent pending SlabStab™, which is very attractive and polished looking with layers of flexible dividers made of a combination of food-safe cork and rubber, and that fit nice and snug into the kitchen drawers. The KnifeDock storage solution fits in standard kitchen drawers, minimizes accidents by keeping blades secure, and makes finding the right knife quick and easy because a small portion of the blade is still visible. It is available in two sizes: original (6” x 15” x 2 1/2” high) and deluxe (13” x 15” x 2 1/2" high), which are sold for the reasonable prices of $29.99 and $48.99, respectively. You may have seen KnifeDock at Williams-Sonoma, The Container Store or Bed Bath & Beyond. The company encourages consumers to compare and then save by ordering from KnifeBlock. For more information regarding KnifeDock or to order some for your kitchen visit the site.
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