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Friday, March 22, 2013

Furniture, jewelry boxes, music instruments – jazz ‘em up with custom inlays

Most of us have searched for a one-of-a-kind gift for a friend or loved one, and some of us have special items of our own that we’d like to add some personalized or additional details. That is where the idea on inlaying comes in.

Inlaying is commonly seen on custom guitars in the pickguards, headplates and finger boards, but it is by no means solely an art for guitars. For example, on a trip to the Bahamas  a good friend of mine discovered a wonderful globe inlayed with mother of pearl, sapphires, and a variety of other stones that represented the land masses.

If this sounds interesting to you then you’ll want to check out VanWhy Inlay and Design, which provides quality, custom inlay services. Aaron VanWhy can turn a jewelry box, a piece of furniture or, yes, even a guitar into a beautiful work of art. He can either work from your personal artwork or develop a design to suit your needs.

Has your interest been piqued? Find out more about the custom inlays by visiting their site and also take a few moments to visit and like them on Facebook. VanWhy Inlay & Design is your one-stop inlay shop.


Just breathe…

That sounds so easy… just breathe, take a breath. Inhale, exhale… get the oxygen flowing. Yup, sounds easy.

IMG_20120802_162133Unfortunately little ol’ me has been feeling a little under the weather and over-the-top with unspoken stress and anxiety. Of course that doesn’t make me feel any better. (Remember, the medical issues, right?)

This weekend, however, I’m going to try to do some breathing, relaxing, chilling, focusing on me. Nothing wrong with that at all.

Maybe… just maybe… if I can find that moment, feeling, solution it will ease the weight from my chest, shoulders and mind. It’ll free up some space for creativity, productivity and any other –ivity that is waiting for me.

Just… maybe…

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