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Monday, February 25, 2013

From a different angle

After sleeping all of last week away, and not accomplishing anything on my own, it was refreshing to get up yesterday and get things done. A little housework was started, mail sent and I even put the trash out myself.

Major accomplishments.

I love my Kindle... & I love coffee! :-)
The best things about the day:
  1. Having the strength to watch my granddaughter for more than a few minutes,
  2. Enjoying lunch (with a GIANT cup of coffee) at Dunkin Donuts.

Although I didn't have enough time to get any writing done, I was able to read on my Kindle (a Zoe Martinique Investigation) and simply enjoy the moment of being in a different space.

It's a small thing, but something I relish and enjoy.

She doesn't think she's too big for my lap.
Today, however, after a night of not sleeping well and being awakened by a child who isn't feeling well I don't think I'll enjoy the view as much: coughing child, rainy & cold day, pediatrician's office...

I'm already planning my next change of scenery.

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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Get boating gear ready for summer

There are still some very cold days lurking, but it won’t be long before the days warm up and the fun of summer is beckoning to us. Everyone will be ready to enjoy the balmy weather by hanging out at the beach, traveling to resorts and summer homes as well as spending the day boating or swimming.

marine boatingFor some of us, all we have to to do is purchase new swimwear or make flight and hotel reservations. But boating aficionados have quite a bit to do to get their boat and related gear in tiptop shape. Sometimes that involves purchasing boating accessories. Whatever the needs of a boater, has everything imaginable. Whether that means replacing hooks, extending handles, power sockets or clips you’ll find it at this online retailer.

Marine Boat Warehouse has been in the boating industry for more than 50 years so customers can be confident in the supplies they buy from this family-oriented business. There marine team is waiting to help get the fun started for all your boating fun.

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