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Monday, November 25, 2013

Reveal your #bareselfie with Lancôme #DreamTone {product review}

About four weeks ago I started using my complementary bottle of Lancôme DreamTone as part of a campaign thanks to SheSpeaks/LancomeUSA. The skincare product Lancôme DreamTone is customized skin tone correcting serum that has been specially formulated to reduce the appearance of dark spots, color imperfections and uneven skin tone.

The serum is touted as the “next generation in dark spot correction.” It’s customized and proved to be powerful enough that 72 percent of women are confident enough to bare their skin for all to see. It has three minimally tinted formulas that are made specifically for fair, medium and dark skin tones.

lancomeI added the dark (#3) DreamTone to my skincare routine twice a day under my moisturizer to see how the product would work for me. Overall, and for most of my life, I’ve had a fairly even skin tone, but lately  I’ve noticed my skin isn’t as even as it used to be. So I was more than excited to try Lancôme DreamTone because of what it is designed to do as well as to feed my skincare product addiction.

My initial impression of the serum: It has a smooth feel with a light scent, and applies  smoothly to the skin. It isn’t greasy and it has a barely-there feel. I didn’t initially notice any significant changes like 74 percent of users who  reported noticing glowing skin and 70 percent noticed more even skin tone in seven days.

I snapped a #bareselfie on the first day I started using the serum, but I can’t find it to save my little life. However, here I am – yesterday – four weeks afterward…


What do you think? I think the camera isn’t accurate. LOL… There are still some small spots on my check. Let’s see what it looks like if I enlarge.


Well, I know where the marks are. {chuckling} Can you see them?

I’m going to continue using the serum until it’s gone. Perhaps I’ll post another bare selfie then. Think you wanna try it yourself? Lancôme DreamTone retails for $98 for a 1.3 fl. oz. bottle, which is available through Lancô as well as department stores nationwide. If you purchase online now they’re having a limited-time offer of 15 percent off.

Tell me: Are you ready to share your #bareselfie?

Disclosure: As mentioned above I received a complimentary bottle of Lancôme DreamTone from SheSpeaks/Lancôme to facility my review and share with you. All opinions expressed are my own. Read my complete disclosure policy at your convenience.

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