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Monday, November 4, 2013

Easy preparation, quick clean up with MAGGI SO JUICY

Disclaimer: I received a complementary product from BzzAgent for the purpose of this review. This in no way affects my opinions of products I share here. Here’s a link to my complete disclosure policy.

I am all for anything that makes preparing meals easy, quick and a cinch to clean up. That’s what I found with MAGGI SO JUICY that’s best described as a small packet with big seasoning flavor and an oven bag.

There are three easy steps to using MAGGI SO JUICY:

  1. Sprinkle the seasoning mix into the oven-safe bag.
  2. Coat the chicken by shaking it within the bag.
  3. Cook, serve and eat.

2013-10-16 18.37.01

2013-10-16 18.40.44




2013-10-16 18.38.30

Out of the four flavors available – Garlic & Tomato, Italian Countryside, Mediterranean Herb Medley and Tomato & Paprika – I think the Mediterranean Herb Medley is my favorite. The first time I prepared the meal with MAGGI’S Italian Countryside using chicken wings. They turned out moist, tender and lightly flavored. My children loved the taste, but the seasoning could have been a little stronger for me.

2013-10-16 19.37.55

Looks yummy, right?

The second time I used the Mediterranean Herb Medley on deboned tilapia, and it was the best fish I’ve tasted in quite some time. Restaurant worthy if you ask me. The only difference with the fish is that it may not turn out quite as pretty as you would like because of the shaking and trying to get it laid out in the bag. My suggestion, should you go this route, would be to use thicker cut or meatier types of fish.

And, lastly, I’ve tried Savory Garlic & Tomato with boneless, skinless chicken breast. These photos give you an idea of the steps involved.

C360_2013-10-07-17-47-15-112 C360_2013-10-07-17-34-00-610 C360_2013-10-07-17-47-03-484
C360_2013-10-07-17-49-28-039   C360_2013-10-07-17-51-24-765

2013-10-17 11.30.37I can’t wait try MAGGI again because you can add more than just your meat into the oven bag. I want to try potatoes and spinach with chicken or rice with a little of cream of mushroom soap and the chicken. Does that sound as good to you as it does to me? Definitely comfort food.

You can find MAGGI SO JUICY at your local Kroger-owned store for just $1.79. If you have already tried, leave me a comment letting me know what you think. If you haven’t tried, what are you waiting for? Grab a packet, or two, today and test it out. In the meantime you can visit their site for recipe ideas.

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