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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Dr. Scholl’s For Her Comfort Insoles can save your weary tootsies

Last year I bought a pair of Valquira Laced boots for just $27. Those boots are cute, stylish, warm and relatively comfortable. I say “relatively” because the padding inside one of the boots was not in the correct place and the nail/screw/whatever that holds the heel in place dug into my heel through the thin layer under my foot.

C360_2013-11-13-00-15-25-139Double socks and cheap inserts did nothing for this spot – regardless of what I did I would still be in pain by the end of the day. That was totally unacceptable. That’s why when I received a complimentary pair of Dr. Scholl's® For Her Comfort Insoles, from Influenster in the #RoseVoxBox, I was extremely excited.

C360_2013-11-13-00-16-00-690With the temperatures dropping to the 20s tonight, high of low 40s tomorrow with continued gusty winds and my heat kicking in tens times more frequently than yesterday, it’s time to get my boots ready.

Just taking the insoles out of the package is a treat in soft comfort. The insoles are touted as providing all-day comfort and support in addition to keeping your feet warm. They have a multiple layer design that insulates against cold and dampness. They also have two plush layers for extra cushioning and support while keeping feet dry by absorbing perspiration. You can put the cut-to-fit insoles in a variety of favorite shoes and boots including rain and winter boots, casual and dress boots and shoes.


C360_2013-11-13-00-17-00-094Dr. Scholl’s® For Her™ Cozy Cushions™ Insoles are available in women’s sizes 6 to 10 and are easily cut to fit the size you wear – simply follow the lines provided on the back of the insole.

I was in a rush this morning when I grabbed the insoles to put in my boots and I thought they would be hard to cut. They weren’t at all especially compared to another pair of insoles I’ve used that I had to get my utility scissors for.

One suggestion I would make is to leave an extra size before you cut to your exact size and insert it into your shoe or boot to see how it feels. I cut mine to my exact size and inside of my boots I could feel about a quarter inch or so of my first two toes “hanging” over the edge. It’s a bit annoying and I’m going to see if I can slide the insole further into my boot the next time I put them on.

The only negative, if I can even call it that, is my boots fit very snuggly around the top of my feet from the arch to the toes. Having the insoles inserted caused from the bunion side of each foot to the outer edge under my pinky toe to be too tight. I love how walking with the Cozy Cushion made my feet feel absolutely wonderful so I’m going to have the top parts of the boots stretched. They needed to be stretched a little in that area anyway. Oh, and my problem with the nail poking in my heel – NONEXISTENT. I don’t feel it at all. How’s that for comfort?

Overall I give this Dr. Scholl’s product an A+ for comfort. Give them a try, if you haven’t already, so you can see how it feels to walk on total softness.gray boots



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got it from influenster

Disclosure: Like I mentioned earlier in this post, I received a complimentary products in order to share my opinion with you. All opinions are my honest reviews and are not influenced by anyone. Please read my disclosure policy for complete information.

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