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Thursday, October 3, 2013

When to put the grumpy one to bed

As parents we know that our young children present different personalities or actions when they’re tired. A lot of the time when they are being naughty or a little grumpy we know what to do: make them take a nap.

2013-04-23 11.01.21For the last month or more, every single afternoon I get a bad attitude. The day before last I told my middle daughter that I was being a sourpuss. Instead of reprimanding my children because they have been getting on my nerves, I lay down and take a nap because I’m the grumpy one.

I just survived a few weeks of sickness and normally I would blame it on that, but even before then (and my constant sleeping) I needed to take an afternoon nap.

I’m bad as a little child. Too grumpy when I’m tired and have to be forced to take a nap. SMH.

So just like when your child is acting up when tired you have to monitor yourself and when your attitude changes be sure to take a nap.

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