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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Surprised by the #RealCheese in Annie’s mac & cheese

Disclaimer: I received the product described below for free from Influenster. However, free or not, my opinions are – and will always be – my own. Here’s a link to my complete disclosure policy.

There is one thing I don’t do and that’s eat macaroni and cheese out of box or in a microwave thingy… or anything like that. You can blame that on Patti LaBelle. You see, she has a couple of recipe books and one of them has a recipe for the best macaroni cheese on earth.

No, I’m not exaggerating. Since the first time I made it my daughter, now 22, makes it at least twice per year.  Each time it gets better and better – if that’s possible.

Annie's cheeseSo I was not optimistic about tasting the sample of Annie’s Homegrown Macaroni & Cheese Microwavable Cup that Influenster so kindly sent me. I nuked it (really easy-to-follow directions) one afternoon for a late lunch. I had planned on taking a picture of me tasting it, but after one bite I discovered how extremely yummy it is. I ate it so fast that I didn’t know it was gone ‘til I looked down into the cup. Imagine my disappointment. (You’re not laughing at me, are you?)

Well, you may laugh at the infographic included here. Take a gander and tell me in the comments section “What does your real cheese say about you?”

Check out Annie’s Homegrown on Facebook and, seriously, go right away and get some for yourself.

got it from influenster

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