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Monday, October 28, 2013

Have you implemented what your “creative” revealed?

I’m a writer. Way deep down in my heart where the first beat began I’ve always been a writer. It didn’t really show up ‘til I was about 5 years old (really!) and sometimes it wasn’t actually in writing that it appeared. I had magical, mysterious, fantastical stories rolling around in my head.

A “regular” person – you know, those non-writers – think that it’s just imagination or daydreaming, but when you’re a writer those images birth words. It’s pretty much the same for every artist. Have you ever wondered how a photographer can look at the sun, trees and flowers and produce a photograph worthy of an art gallery? Us “regular” folks – the non-photographers (I couldn’t resist) – can take the same exact picture and it’ll be nice or pretty or just plain bad.

That’s the nature of the creative beast.

Sometimes in the midst of those creative outbursts a therapeutic moment occurs. When that creativity is present there is a message for yourself that springs forth. Today I found one of those messages in a post I wrote in 2010. Funny, cause that happens pretty frequently, but infrequently enough that I often forget the magnitude of the message.

Which side of the moon screenshot 2010The post, Which side of the moon?, is one of a quite a few posts where I write about my thoughts, what I want to do, what I think I should have done already, what I should do and what I’m going to do. It’s usually around the end or beginning of a year when I feel the pressure of not having accomplished something or delayed in proceeding with said accomplishment.

The delay often starts and ends with my health. Ahhh, such an ongoing issue. But, do you know what? I don’t worry about my health – it’s often on my mind, but not among the things that bother me. At least not consciously.

What’s important is the question, uh, the answer to that problem. How do I surpass what keeps me from advancing? Unless you have a true answer that includes knowledge of my everyday life then I encourage you to think of that as a rhetoric question.

Today, before the day ends, spend a little time being creative and see what surprises you.




hands writing in bookHere we go: What have you created, written or planned that you haven’t reviewed lately? Are you truly meeting the goals you’ve set for yourself? And if you have, please share how you’re making that happen.

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