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Monday, October 7, 2013

Empty can be so beautiful

As a woman who suffers from a few chronic conditions I have come to appreciate the little things even more than I have in the past. That became glaringly obvious today when I sent my daughter a picture of my kitchen skin.

You see, my dual kitchen sink was empty. Completely empty. No dirty dishes to be washed, no clean dishes to be put away, nothing soaking… absolutely, beautifully bare. When I sent Amber the text the caption was simple: “Isn’t it beautiful…”


No other words were necessary because my daughter knew the joy I was expressing. She has quite frequently come over to try to clean the kitchen when I’m not feeling well. This last stint was rough on her as well because my grandbaby Autumn, her daughter, was sick with an ear infection and a cold, which she kindly passed to her mother.

Not only was I under the weather, but I ended up playing hostess to bronchitis. I never thought I would be glad for my regular pain to come back and replace the fiery pain that coursed through my body, chest and skull.

Now, here I sit with laundry completely washed and a sink devoid of a mountain of dishes… that’s beautiful, right?

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